In FRANK26

Something happened in the last two weeks…I said something happened with the BIS and WTO.  The BIS is the mother of central banks on this earth.  CBI is one of them… I told you there is a date for the releasing of the three zero’s. I don’t know it but IMO there is a date.  If something happened with the BIS or CBI it seems to me it’s because that date is close. …CBI told the BIS, “By a certain date we will be adding back our currency. We will start paying our debts and want you to accept our payments. We want world trade with our currency. We already told everybody we printed the small notes and will introduce them. We want to make it formal.

And IMO opinion…the BIS accepted this agreement with them. BIS agreed to accept Iraq’s payments in their own currency. CBI came out with an article, “we don’t want the USD.”  Doing some other things with only the Iraqi Diner. You should be jumping with joy!  CBI  told the BIS they wanted them to pay their debts and only with their currency (the dinar)… the BIS set up meeting with the WB, US, WTO, etc. IMO they met. The CBI did this on behalf of the GOI because only the CBI can go to the BIS and make this type of a deal for the GOI…For the GOI to pay their own bills in their own darn currency!