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On Monday, actually it was Sunday, they said according to the Iraqi Dinar Index that they had increased…what was the 1000% increase for? Deleting the zeros that’s what we think it is for…They told everybody at the beginning of this month [April], ‘We’re closing down because of the coronavirus.’ Today they tell everybody they’re going to open back up on the 26th but not the floor only the e-commerce trading. They could have done the same thing on the beginning of the month. They closed the door so that you couldn’t see what they were doing with their mathematics of whatever this index is about.

I don’t know…but we do know that the ultimate goal is for e-commerce…the other goal is to position the Iraqi dinar with the three slots open that can all of a sudden add value to the Iraqi dinar…the 26th is when we’re gonna get a better understanding of what they really did with this 1000% increase in the index value of the Iraqi dinar and the Iraqi Stock Exchange…this was a very strange move…This is a move by the Iraqi Stock Exchange in my opinion that is done before they reopen to combat speculators…it seems to me that what the Iraqi Stock Exchange on Monday did has let the secret out of the bag.