In FRANK26 

When the value goes up are you gonna call every Tom, Dick and Harry and tell them you just made a lot of money? Or that you made capital gains with your investment? Or that you had a windfall? Are you gonna brag about this?  Are you gonna put it on social media?  Are you going to tell that relative that you never told in the first place? Are you gonna shove it into their faces, the ones that told you it’s never gonna happen, to satisfy your ego and pride? I hope not. Don’t draw attention to yourself. Do your very best to be humble about this. Do your very best to shut-up about this. The entourage, the group of people that know about your windfall, you want to try to limit that. Not only for your safety but for that matter for your sanity. Ever drop a sugar cube next to an anthill? Every ant is all of a sudden turning around and heading toward that sugar cube. Don’t draw attention to yourself.