In FRANK26 

When the value goes up may I suggest you walk don’t run. In the same way that I suggest don’t pick up the phone and tell the world “guess what?” Shhh…Don’t feel that if it went up in the next hour – don’t feel ‘oh, gosh I’ve got to get to a bank right away. Oh, I’ll get to a bank tomorrow morning!’ Think twice about that. It’s up to you…IMO the Central bank of Iraq is not going to retrieve the 3 zeros right away…I don’t see where they’re going to say ‘okay we just raised the value of our currency and the 3 zero notes we’re gonna cancel them out.  You’re out of luck sucker!’  …I don’t know how long they’re going to give you though. They say they coexist with the new small category notes for about ten year but that’s in country. How long will they be good outside of the country of Iraq? I don’t know. I don’t believe that we have the issue to run right away when the value goes up…watch, look, listen, learn from others. Learn from their mistakes..