In FRANK26 

We were the first to bring you IOO…where the CBI has made it clear that we have representation around the world.  You could call them satellite banks but I don’t like that. They’re private banks of the CBI…they were first established in the United States…you may be able to go into one of those CBI banks that represent the CBI in the Untied States and exchange them there.  You may not want to exchange them into your currency of choice.  You may just want to deposit them as Iraqi Dinars.  Why?  Maybe you’re not satisfied with the exchange rate that came out…maybe you’re waiting for it to be at a higher rate internationally and you want to just store them in there.  As soon as the value goes up these banks will go up and the reason why is because the CBI has to retrieve their 3 zeros.  They’ve gotten about 70% of them back but the Fab 4 want this to continue.