In FRANK26

Angel1…sends me this [from so-and-so converter site. – Image]  IQD/USD – IQD 1 = $.0.8700  IQD = $.0.008.  hmmm. [Frank says] ‘Let me know if you see anymore’…five minutes later ring-a-ding-ding “Frank I just got another text.”  [Image from  converter site text notification] “Sunday August 9 Currency Alert!  IQD/USD 0.8700$ = 1 .0008$ = 1…this time it came through as a “ping”…5 minutes later he did it again. What?!…it goes on and on…but my friend gets 11 pings from a specific clearinghouse…It’s showing that the IQD is at .0008 but then on top you can see that the ping that came through was showing that 1 IQD is now equal to .87 American cents.  And we saw it happen 11 times in a row. What does it mean?

When I called Walkingstick and I told him about this he says keep your eye on it…we’ve been seeing this for a while now haven’t we.  Shoot for the last year and a half at least. For the last almost 2 months we’ve been seeing massive amounts of the dinar moving and I told you not at a program rate but at a different rate…I do not believe that this is something that is labeled as a coincidence, as an accident. I see this as a movement.  I see this as the Iraqi dinar being positioned internationally. I believe you’re gonna see an awful lot more of it.