In FRANK26

The biggest thing that came out of this meeting [The Washington Meeting], actually is two things.  1.  A commitment from Kazemi to Donald Trump that Iraq will de-dollarize and  2. The acceptance that they are going to announce that they have a change in their exchange rate.  That they have added value to their currency.  That’s the only reason why you see Donald Trump give all these contracts to Kazemi.  Why didn’t they hand them out before?  The week before?  The month before?  The year before?  They didn’t qualify for it.  The “white papers” have been all checked off.  Every benchmark on those “white papers” is done.  Now the question is Kazemi…Are you ready to make the announcement of everything that is in those “white papers”? …we do not have the authority to tell them to raise the value of their currency.  Their bank.  Their government.  Their Prime Minister.  Their Leaders.  They’re the ones that make that decision.