In FRANK26 

We have a situation where the CBI is coming out and saying we have a new exchange rate for the Iraqi dinar. Don’t we have a bunch of articles that said ‘we’re working very hard to raise the value of the dinar?’  Don’t we have the IMF that said ‘Iraq is going to lift the value of their currency before the end of this fiscal year?’ We told you the value of the Iraq dinar was going to go up based on all the articles. These articles are powerful because they come from the horse’s mouth not our opinion. So. what happened?

Back in the 1990’s…China takes their newspaper, they take a full page and it was a disclaimer from the Chinese government saying ‘We’re not going to raise the value of our currency…’ Three days later…the IMF announces that the Chinese currency has gone up in value. Kuwait in the late 1990’s did the same thing…why did you do what you did? Kuwait and China say it’s because we’re going through a monetary reform with our currency. Iraq is going through the same thing…what they’re doing right now is a one-time thing. This 1450 is only for a short time.