In FRANK26 

Article: “Al-Rafidain Bank Leaves The Seventh Item” How many times have I told you Iraq is Article VIII? Since January 2018 because that’s when I told you they started using a second set of books…we have an article from the IMF that said very clearly that yes Iraq is Article 8 because we’re allowing them to use “mechanisms” of Article 8 for their monetary and economic reform.

Quote: “Al-Rafidain Bank announced today, Thursday, that it has withdrawn from Article seven that was previously imposed on it…the exit decision came after fulling all the financial obligations to international financial institutions…” They’re telling you they are not at a program rate anymore…this is stupendous. This is immeasurable…[this article] explains why they’re not handcuffed anymore. It explains why they are article 8.  It explains why they’re international. Soon they’ll explain why their currency is international because they lifted the 3 zeros.