In FRANK26 

The United States Treasury met with a limited amount of people to disseminate some information on how and where to exchange your Iraqi dinars…It’s not known how it’s going to roll out but the information will come to the dinar community as needed because right now it’s going to the citizens of Iraq…for us citizens of the United States of America it’s possible an 800# is coming…this so-called 800 number is not for one bank. That’s so stupid. The 800 number, as of 1st hand information, is not as it’s being exaggerated.

It is logical that the US Treasury would have a legit 800 number where they could counsel and advise you on your investment once the value goes up as to where to go to exchange your currency. Isn’t that cool! Here’s the other thing that’s cool…it’s motivating for a time like this when we see so many things coming together. If there is an 800 number it would only be with the United States Treasury to tell you which banks to go to…there isn’t going to only be one bank. There’s going to be hundreds and hundreds across the whole United States of America. There will also be Iraqi banks…there will be hundreds across the world markets.