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Article: “The Central Bank adds a new feature to the Iraqi banknotes” Quote: “The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Monday, that it has added a feature to protect banknotes from bacteria and viruses to the national currency” If you go to the CBI website you will be able to see when they last printed currency.  It was in 2018. It’s the 250’s the 500’s that they are going to be including with the new small category notes…the coronavirus came out in 2020 but…they haven’t printed any new currency since 2018…something doesn’t sound right…this is a marketing ploy…bring me your infected 3-zero notes…says the CBI…We want to protect you…I will give you brand new small category notes with a new value to it against the American dollar…We believe this is a propaganda ploy to bring in as many zeros as possible. I’m impressed with this tactic…

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