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Economist: Kuwait will give Iraq more than one billion dollars

The economic expert, Abdul Rahman al-Shammari, Saturday, that Kuwait will do pledged during the donors conference to grant Iraq a billion and a quarter billion dollars.

Al-Shammari said in a statement that “Kuwait, during this visit, will work to activate the commitments made during the donors’ conference hosted”, noting that “the Kuwaiti side pledged to provide 1.5 billion dollars in grants to Iraq, and this requires Discuss the mechanisms by which such commitments can be activated. ”

He explained that “Kuwait has opened to Iraq, and seeks to sign more agreements with him in various aspects of economic and trade and others.”

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammad Halaboussi will start a visit to Kuwait on Saturday, headed by a parliamentary delegation, in addition to a government delegation consisting of nine governors. The visit aims to discuss the prospects of the relationship between the two countries, Held last year. Source