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“Fed to deliver 25-basis-point hike in May, stay on hold rest of year: Reuters poll”


Several economists took a poll and believe that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates one more time in May and hold off for the rest of the year.


Interest rates influence consumers’ borrowing costs, credit cards, mortgages, and auto loan rates.


Each of these areas are of great concern to the economy at this point. Purchasing power has been brought to a halt and money velocity along with it.


Liquidity is drying up and movement forward will require policy changes that will allow liquidity to minimize the damage done to the consumers of this economy.


Remember, consumers make up 70% of the market.


Look for a repricing event in the oil, silver, digital/currencies, markets, and gold at levels to revive a stagflated economy.


We live in a 100% gold-backed Financial System at this point.


Since the beginning of the year, we have been standardizing new protocols in the banking system and in the markets.


The tokenization of assets around the world supported by commodities are about to be activated on a global scale.


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“Bank of England Tests DLT Settlement System”


The Bank of England currently tested their digital ledger transmission system. This pilot program settled various transactions to secure and understand the network.


They now have cryptocurrency regulations complete as well.


And, they are currently scheduled to go through ISO 20022 migration on June 19th. This will connect them to the International Payment System.


Just because they have scheduled their international migration for June the 19th doesn’t mean it won’t do it earlier.


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“BRICS: U.S. Dollar Fading as Supply & Demand Dips”


The dollar is about to level off with other currencies around the world.


This will send the price of gold to higher levels. Caps on the price of gold are currently being released to make up for the difference of purchasing power in our Global currencies.


As we move forward, new prices will be formulated on currency charts around the world.


As these currencies settle into new price actions on the market, a fixed rate of gold can be pegged to them. This will give currencies around the world a real value through standardization protocols and gold’s hold on them.


I am referring to the digital/currency markets on Forex.


Libor contracts are flattening out at this point as there are a few left on the markets.


This process is currently underway as we finalize currency reforms.


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BRICS: U.S. Dollar Fading as Supply & Demand Dips




The United States is about to implement new crypto legislation that will restructure the digital asset market.


Everything is being tokenized on the markets, and new price actions will be formulating new chart patterns going forward based on commodities that support them.


At the same time, we are about to experience a market transition to real values based on real correlations.


Earlier this morning, we talked about how liquidity is drying up in the banking system and in the markets.


We have one more reading for the markets to do before the next FOMC meeting. It is the PCE index.


Personal consumption expenditures (PCE) is the primary measure of consumer spending on goods and services in the U.S. economy.


This is not expected to be good, and it will give the Federal Reserve a good look for monetary policy changes needing to be made as real values begin to show up in the market.


Everything is about to go to real values. Hang on.


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Stock Market Crash Alert: Mark Your Calendars for April 28


United States to Float New Crypto Legislation Aimed at Restructuring Digital Assets Market




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