Iraqi News Iraqi News Highlights Sunday Afternoon 4-23-23

Iraqi News Highlights Sunday Afternoon 4-23-23


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Decrease In Iraq’s Oil Exports To America


Economy| 09:09 – 04/23/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News  The US Energy Information Administration announced, on Sunday, that Iraq’s oil exports to America decreased for the second week in a row, to reach 180,000 barrels, on average, during the past week.


In a report followed by Mawazine News, the administration said, “The average US imports of crude oil during the past week from nine countries amounted to 5.395 million barrels per day, up by 18,000 barrels per day from the previous week, which amounted to 5.377 million barrels per day.”


She added, “Iraq’s oil exports to America amounted to an average of 180,000 barrels per day last week, down by 61,000 barrels as a daily rate from the previous week, in which oil exports to America reached an average of 241,000 barrels per day.”


She pointed out that “most of America’s oil revenues during the past week came from Canada at a rate of 3.519 million barrels per day, followed by Mexico at an average of 615 thousand barrels per day, and oil revenues from Saudi Arabia amounted to an average of 339 thousand barrels per day, and then Colombia at a rate of 303 thousand barrels per day.”


It showed, “The amount of US imports of crude oil from Ecuador amounted to an average of 131,000 barrels per day, and from Nigeria and Brazil at a rate of 112,000 barrels per day for each of them, and from Libya at an average of 84,000 barrels per day, while it did not import any quantity from Russia.” Ended 29 /


The Value Of The Dinar In The Parallel Market Increased By 5% Since The Beginning Of The Month


Economy News – Baghdad   Since the beginning of April, the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar has increased by about 5% in the parallel market.


The dollar was sold on the first of April at 150,750 dinars, while today it has fallen to 143,500 dinars, as its value fell by 7,250 dinars. But the dollar is sold by the Central Bank at a price of 1320 dinars to the last beneficiary.


The rise in the value of the dinar against the dollar is due to a series of measures taken by the Central Bank, known as the two reform packages that regulated foreign trade by forcing merchants to open bank accounts and deal directly with banks, in addition to coordinating trade with China through the Chinese yuan currency.


The Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, said earlier this month that the central bank is on alert to restore the exchange rate of the dollar to its normal position, because what happened is that the Federal Bank audited financial transactions in advance while it was in the past after conducting the financial transfer process from Iraq.


He pointed out that now the external transfer operations have doubled, which creates a state of balance between supply and demand, and that the new system seemed to work faster than the previous one.


Iraq Is The Third Arab Country In Terms Of Holding US Bonds


Money  and business  Economy News-Baghdad   The US Treasury announced, on Sunday, that Iraq is one of the largest foreign holders of US Treasury bonds.


And the treasury said in its latest table, “Iraq fell one place after Iraq reduced its holdings of bonds during the month of February, to reach the 30th rank among the countries with the largest possession of US Treasury bonds, which number 38 countries listed in the table for countries that have more than 32 billion in possession.” dollar”.


And she added, “Iraq’s possession of these bonds amounted to $40.7 billion for the month of February, down by 1.21 percent from last January, which Iraq’s possession of bonds amounted to $41.2 billion, and an increase of 68.88 percent from February 2022.”


The treasury indicated that “Iraq came as the third largest Arab country after Saudi Arabia and the UAE, while the two countries came on top of the countries with the largest possession of these bonds with 1 trillion and 81 billion dollars, followed by China second with 898 billion dollars, and the United Kingdom third with 643 billion dollars, and Belgium.” Fourthly, with 331 billion dollars, and Luxembourg, fifth, with 327 billion dollars.


Al-Khazraji: We Are Determined To Pass The Draft Budget In Its Current Form


Iraq   Sunday, April 23, 2023 3:34 PM  Baghdad / National News Center   A member of the coordination framework, Muhannad Al-Khazraji, confirmed today, Sunday, that the political forces are determined to pass the draft budget in its current form.


Al-Khazraji said in a statement received by the National News Center: “The framework forces are determined to approve the federal general budget in its current form,” noting that there are some minor amendments that may occur to some paragraphs of the budget in line with the provisions of the constitution and the law.


He explained, “There are desperate attempts by some political blocs to disrupt the approval of the budget in an effort to achieve personal and partisan projects,” noting that “this budget is one of the largest budgets over the past years because it includes important economic strategic projects that will bring about a quantum leap in the field of infrastructure.” Infrastructure and economic development nationwide.”


He stressed, “The forces of the framework and its allies are strongly supportive of the Sudanese government by passing the budget law, which has come to fulfill the ambition of the government program set by the Sudanese,” noting that “the current budget meets the aspirations of the Iraqis and is consistent with the actual need in developing the economy and maximizing its resources in the country.”


الخزرجي: عازمون على تمرير مشروع الموازنة بصيغته الحالية


Low Dollar Exchange Rates In The Local Market


Economy   Sunday, April 23, 2023 Baghdad / National News Center  Today, Sunday, the exchange rates of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar fell on the main stock exchange in the capital, Baghdad, and in the country’s provinces.


In Baghdad:   the purchase price of the dollar is 143,750 per 100 dollars,   the purchase price of the dollar is 141,750 per 100 dollars


In the north:   the purchase price of the dollar is 144,250 per 100 dollars,   the purchase price of the dollar is 142,250 per 100 dollars


In the south:   the purchase price of the dollar is 144,500 per 100 dollars,   the purchase price of the dollar is 142,500 per 100 dollars




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