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Goldilocks posted this article on Iraq:


The government hands over the three-year budget to parliament.


RJ:  Goldilocks posted the following commentary with a link:


“U.S. banking regulator engaging in ‘heightened monitoring’ of national banks – spokesperson”


The OCC or Office of Currency Comptroller is currently engaged in overseeing the banking system during this time of transition into the digital economy.


There is a great deal of risk when moving money from one Financial System to another.


We are in a coordinated effort led by the OCC and other regulators to make this a smooth transition on March 20th 2023.


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RJ:  Goldilocks posted this commentary on ‘shared equal power’ with multiple links:


“Russia and Africa to strengthen parliamentary ties”


The world is becoming more and more multi-polar. In other words, we are living in a world of shared equal power.


The BRICS Nations

The European Nations

The United States that includes North and South America


Each of these Nations have their own Ecosystem and financial payment systems. The International Payment System will unite them all on March 20th.


At that time, the standardization of the payment system will be completed.


From March 20th to June 30th, we will begin the process of standardizing digital/currency values.


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