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The raising of interest rates one more time is on debate.


It is believed that inflation is under control, but there may be one more .25 basis points added to ensure the economy goes in the right direction.


It is too close to call what the Federal Reserve is going to do in the next FOMC meeting.


Either way, it is believed that we are heading in a good direction by the Fed.


Meanwhile, the markets have a different idea on this assessment.


The dollar continues to tick down.


Gold and oil continue to rise.


Artificial Intelligence growth for businesses are beginning to put a squeeze on the human workforce.


The new technological world may be good for the markets, but people are suffering and trying to find ways to adapt to this new world.


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The bottom line, the interfacing of quantum computers around the world are beginning to go online.


This is why the debate over stablecoins and deposit tokens are being discussed at this point for payment.



These digital forms of money will increase its velocity and raise its values around the world.


Protocol 20 is the aspect of the banking sector that is beginning to be unlocked. Protocol 20 deals with currency reforms near and abroad.


“Where we go one, we go all.”


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The Fed is currently transitioning to a new approach.


The move from tightening policies to a pause in those decisions is currently on the table while seeking new directions.


We are moving closer to an inflection point. This is the period of time whereby transitions can take place in an economy.


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Iraq is currently involved in banking reforms.


What are Banking Reforms?


Banking reforms have certain objectives to solve:


* chronic nonprofit earning problems


* increase the efficiency, stability, and effectiveness of banks


* and strengthening of the overall health of the public sector banks


These are done so that a country can compete with International Standards.


It looks like “a suitable environment for reentry into the global stage” Iraq talked about years ago is at hand.


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By the way, a pause in money-tightening policies gives room for the entrance of new developments (QFS) in the banking system to take place including currencies with new values (Iraq and others).  😉


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