Greg Hunter

Weekly News Wrap – Up 7.12.19

About Minute 5:30: There is going to be an economic reset. And in order to have a reset – you have to get the criminals that were involved with crimes, extortion, con games and you have to remove those people.

Jeffrey Epstein indictment …..This is a huge blow to the elite….He is accused of Human trafficking

That Executive order from Dec. 1, 2018 that Trump wrote about Blocking the property of persons  convicted of “Serious Human rights abuse and corruption”

*To protect the financial system of the United States

*National emergency to deal with that threat

Do you think Jeffrey Epstein’s assets will be blocked?  That executive order was drawn up to cut off their funds.

This is a national security situation if political figures and government officials are implicated. Not just from the US but from many countries….

We will see Extortion, fraud, bribery, pedophilia, human trafficking, This is a treasure trove of charges about to come down on many, many people.