Heresy Financial Who Really Owns The Federal Reserve?

Who Really Owns the Federal Reserve

Heresy Financial:  4-26-2023

In the year 1910, a secret meeting between some of the world’s most powerful private men took place on the secluded island of Jekyll Island.

This is where the idea and the plan to form the Federal Reserve were hatched. This meeting was so secretive that they did not even admit this meeting happened until the 1930s.

Now, given the fact that today the Federal Reserve is number one, the most powerful economic decision maker in the world, number two is not a company.

Number three is not a federal agency either. And number four is not accountable to either shareholders or to voters.

It leaves the inner workings of the Federal Reserve shrouded in mystery and suspicion.

So, let us find the underlying cause of this. What is the Federal Reserve and who really owns it?


0:00 Introduction

0:55 The Opposition to Central Banking

5:33 The Creation of the Federal Reserve

6:30 The Control and Accountability of the Federal Reserve

7:32 The Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy and the FOMC

12:33 Organizational Structure

14:06 The Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet and Interest Rates

15:48 Can Congress End the Federal Reserve?