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Holly Friday Report

Good morning roomies!

When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.-unknown

Disconnect from expectations. We expect this rv to happen each day, and week and are more and more disappointed because of our expectations. This RV has to happen or the world will go to ****.

We are in a pressure cooker and we are reaching maximum pressure. It is a psychological warfare and everyday you need to deal with that and your emotions.

I got a lot of news which I don’t want to put out there as they still want us quiet.

Based on what I am hearing there should be a lot of things happening in the next few days to a week. Do not be alarmed or scared by what you see. It is all part of the plan.


From the news this is the culmination of the plan finally coming to an end. Let’s pray for a smooth transition and for the safety of all.


Keep your vibrations high, stay positive. This is 100% real, the timing is just the unknown. Do what you must do for your family. Live your life. If this is all too much step away. But never, ever give up!

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