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Holly Tuesday Update

Good morning roomies!

Don’t forget to tell yourself positive things daily. You must love yourself internally to glow externally-unknown

My favorite prayer is the Saint Francis of Assisi prayer. Where there is hate let me sow love. Make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is injury pardon.

I strive to live by these words and not get caught up in the emotions from people in these rooms who for whatever reason direct things at me. I will strive to keep rising above the petty emotions and love and live in peace and forgive all who cause injury. We all can daily make this choice and catch ourselves when we are not in alignment with this.

The news is all is set. The final tests and systems checks are done. All issues resolved. All countries are ready and we await the final release.

Again what is our part in this. Holding our vibrations high. How do we do that, choosing consciously to not squabble with others in these rooms. Or to bad mouth or bicker with each other. To stay in love and peace and harmony. Those are high vibrational  feelings and thoughts.


Keep a positive mindset and do not go into doom and gloom, fear and despair. Positive in, positive out.


Let’s consciously do our part and rise above any low vibrational thoughts and feelings. We really are a vital element in this rv process whether you see it or not. We are!


Let’s be the humanitarians in training we are and show the alliance we have what it takes to be good stewards of this wealth.



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