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Weekend News with MarkZ 07/23/2022

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MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: And yet another week goes by…..and we wait.

Member: Good morning everyone! Hope and pray today is the day The Trumpet will sound!!

Member: Happy Saturday Mark and the gang!!!

Member: July 23 1944 Conference of Bretton Woods signed; IMF operations began.

MZ:  Article- This is important:  “ Central Bank: Paris will be the starting point  of the Iraqi Banking Sector towards Europe”   This is the Central Bank of Iraq. And it says Paris will be the starting point . Why do they need to be expanding all over the world if they have a useless currency?

MZ: Last night we discussed the amount of contractors that are re-denominating from US dollars into dinar…so everything will be paid in dinar….those contracts go into effect on August 15th. So we know there should be a major move before the 15th.

MZ: I am still hearing it is extremely soon. We did not have a new rate published in the Gazette this morning. But, we are watching the roll out of this thing. Article “ CBI : The Banking Sector is making progress at various levels”

MZ: What were we told a few weeks ago? One of the reasons it had not revalued yet was “corruption” and articles go on to talk about how they have made great strides in taking care of any corruption…This is downright huge coming out of Iraq.

MZ: From the redemption centers….They are not working this morning so I am not expecting anything today or tomorrow….but I hope to be surprised…..

MZ: There are some groups scrambling right now…there are some currency shortages….they need to fill those gaps…Example:  say they have a contract for a certain amount of currency and now they don’t  have it….Possibly some folks have backed out or died… .anyway I hear they are scrambling to fill those spots.

MZ: We need to stay calm through the process – we know there will be more ups and downs as we watch the progressive realization of the change of rates. It is becoming increasingly fun to watch…

MZ: no news from CMKX yet today…Like I said before their preference was to deliver on a weekend where more people are at home…They did some test deliveries years ago… and found out Sunday evenings were the best…..

Member: I like how your news about the CBI bank opening in Paris ties in with Naders news yesterday…

Member: Mark, Iraq has entered into that new banking technology…This may be another sign they are ready?

MZ: I do not feel they are kicking the can anymore…I believe we are in a relentless rolling towards the finish line…..We are seeing BRICS growing…We are seeing corruption cleaned up….we are seeing it become a Juggarnaut that has its own momemtum…and they cannot stop it……

MZ: Did you see this in the news?  Equador is rising up with protests…….huge uprising against the globalists….hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets…..not just against the government but against the government leaders tied to globalist elites……

MZ: Switzerland last weekend rose up against the globalists…this is huge…..we are watching it play out all over the world …The Dutch farmers……also farmers in Italy Spain, Canad, Poland….all over are protesting….and the elite are trying to hide it from us. But people are waking up to the tyranny of authoritariasm….

Member:  Judy on restore republic said we already gold backed since I think since 7/16, so if thats true its just a matter of time right?

Member: What currencies are in the first basket again?

Mod:  Mod: 1. US 2. UK 3. Kuwait 4. Canada 5. Mexico 6. Russia 7. China 8. Venezuela 9. Iranian Rial 10. IRAQ 11. Indonesia Rupiah 12. Malaysia 13. Vietnamese 14. Brazil 15. Saudi Arabia 16. Qatar 17. United Arab Emirates 18. Turkey 19. Afghanistan possibly20. India 21. Libya 22. Japan23. Zimbabwe (current currency) No second basket, only one…. by one floating rates.

Member: Anyone else hear a rumor that the Elders signed the document to start this show?

Member: At 9 pm EST on Fri. 22 July word was received that the Chinese Elders have signed the proper documents and the RV would start immediately.

Member: I sure hope it’s true about the Chinese Elders!

Member: God Bless al Wisdom keepers and this moment especially the Chinese Elders.

Member: I think the Military are getting ready to drop the Hammer!

Member: Everyone have a great weekend……hoping Mark has to do an emergency stream because the RF has “popped” suddenly!!

Member: Mark Z thank you so very much for all you do….have a wonderful weekend.

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