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The Framework Reassures The Sadrists: Your Places And Positions In The Iraqi State Are Reserved

Shafaq News/ The coordinating framework, which includes Shiite political forces, declared on Friday to preserve the positions and positions of the Sadrist movement in the Iraqi state and not to touch them in the event that the next federal government is formed in isolation from the current.

The representative of the State of Law coalition Aref, the lawyer, told Shafak News Agency, “We can say that the framework is proceeding with the formation of the government after Eid al-Adha.”

He added that “the coordination framework sees that the places and positions of the Sadrist movement are preserved in the Iraqi state and cannot be touched despite their withdrawal from the political process.”

The lawyer continued, “The last tweet of the head of the coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, is clear to the political blocs, and that the next government will not be exclusionary or marginalizing any party that contributed to the political process and participated in the elections and withdrew from it.”

It is noteworthy that the political blocs agreed in the parliament session that was held on Thursday, June 23 of this year, to proceed with the formation of the new federal government, according to the principle of “partnership, balance, and consensus”, which are the conditions announced by Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani.

This agreement came after the breakdown of the tripartite alliance between the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Masoud Barzani, the Sovereignty Alliance headed by Khamis al-Khanjar, and the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr following the resignation of the Sadrist bloc’s deputies, and the current’s withdrawal from the political process by order of al-Sadr.

The Sadrist bloc had obtained the highest votes in the early legislative elections that took place in October of 2021, but the efforts of the leader of the current failed to form the new federal government due to the Shiite coordination framework standing in its way by obtaining a fatwa from the Federal Court with the so-called blocking third in a contract The session for electing the President of the Republic, which paves the way for naming the Prime Minister.

A parliamentary source had revealed last month to Shafak News Agency about the formation of the new government after the Eid al-Adha holiday, and while he indicated that it will be a “component quota” government, he confirmed the anticipation of the political blocs outside the Shiite house of the ministries of the Sadrist movement after the resignation of his deputies and their non-participation in the next government. LINK

Al-Sarraj: The Framework Is Moving Towards The Kurds To Resolve The Presidency Within A Specified Period

Politician  2022/07/08 | 12:39 PM  Information / Baghdad…Political analyst Adnan Al-Sarraj revealed that there is a movement by the coordination framework towards the two parties, the National Union and the Democratic Party to resolve the issue of choosing the candidate for the post of President of the Republic, pointing out that the period will not be open to presenting a candidate for this position, but rather it was determined in order to end the political blockage and go to choose the prime minister. coming.

Al-Sarraj told Al-Maalouma, “It is expected that bargains will be present in the meetings of the two parties, the Union and the Democratic Party, regarding rapprochement and negotiations over the presidency, especially since these understandings did not lead to a result, but rather resulted in an agreement to prepare for the parliamentary elections for Kurdistan.”

He added that “the coordinating framework plays a major role in the Kurdish negotiations regarding choosing a candidate for the position of President of the Republic, and pushes the Union to rapprochement with the Democratic Party to choose the candidate who is presented to Parliament for a vote, and also that the framework suggested to the Kurds that there be an agreement that each party presents an offer.” His candidate to vote, as happened in 2018, and leaves it to the deputies to elect the candidate for the presidency.”

And he indicated that “the Kurdish reality does not refer to an agreement on the President of the Republic, and therefore the patience of the framework will not last long, as information was received that the framework gave the aforementioned parties 15 days to announce their candidate for the presidency of the republic, to be followed by the decision of choosing the next prime minister and presenting it to the political forces to end the blockage.” It is expected that the days following the Eid holiday will be more heated and a movement towards resolving the two presidencies.” finished 25

The Dissolution Of Parliament Is Still A Likely Possibility, Even In The Coordination Framework

Baghdad / Obelisk: Despite the enthusiasm shown by forces in the coordination framework towards forming a government at the earliest opportunity, the option of dissolving Parliament is still strongly present for several reasons, according to analyzes heard by the obelisk.

The information obtained from political figures related to the political movement says that some people have come to believe in a transitional government

Working to dissolve parliament towards early elections.

The other opportunity that allows the parliament to be dissolved is the possibility of massive demonstrations with the participation of the Sadrist movement’s supporters, aiming to dissolve parliament, which is a likely possibility.

Also, the failure to implement the demands of the Sunni and Kurdish forces, which began to increase their conditions in exchange for participating in forming the government, may eventually lead to its withdrawal, joining the Sadrist movement, which pushes towards the dissolution of Parliament and the elections.

And the coordinating framework is not far from this option, as a member of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Mahmoud Al-Hayani, explained, Thursday, July 7, 2022, that the coordinating framework will resort to dissolving the parliament if some blocs continue to procrastinate and procrastinate in the negotiations.

Al-Hayani said that the committees that were formed by the framework to negotiate with the rest of the political blocs are facing difficulty with some blocs that seek to thwart the coordination effort to form the government, stressing that the proposal to re-election is on the dialogue table with the amendment of some paragraphs of the election law.

He added that the Coordinator does not want to violate the constitutional terms more and is working to form the government as soon as possible because it is the political crisis and to end all internal and external problems and crises in all respects.

He added that there are political blocs that do not respond so far with the negotiations and initiatives put forward by the coordination framework for its delay in forming the new government.

Al-Muttalib Shows Al-Maliki’s Chances Of Taking Over The Position Of The Next Prime Minister

Thursday, July 7 2022 11:02 PM  National News Center/ Baghdad  Today, Thursday, the independent politician Saad Al-Mutalibi considered the chances of the leader of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, great if he was nominated by the coordination framework to the prime minister, as he has a great popular consensus.

In an interview with the National News Center, Al-Mutalibi said, “The chances of the leader of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, in forming the government are very large from a popular point of view, but from a political point of view, al-Maliki’s chances are also great if the government is formed in a consensual manner.”

He added that “the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives came by consensus, and in the event that the President of the Republic is inaugurated in a consensual manner, the framework candidate will be automatically agreed upon within Parliament, as it is an arithmetic process based on consensus, balance and participation.”

He continued, “There is a political agreement between all the blocs to approve the next prime minister in the event that a person is nominated by the coordinating framework.”

Al-Sorji: The Presidency Of The Republic Will Pass With Or Without The Kurds’ Agreement

Politician  2022/07/08 | 9:25 AM   Information / Baghdad…  A member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Ghiath al-Sorji, confirmed that there is a possibility to pass the presidency through Parliament in the event that no agreement is reached within the Kurdish House about the candidate for this position.

Al-Sorji told Al-Maalouma, “There is optimism about reaching solutions within the Kurdish House about choosing a candidate for the presidency, although the understandings diminished after the Sadrist bloc withdrew from the political process.”

He added, “Parliament will decide who will be the president of the republic for the next stage, if the Kurdish House reaches a dead end to choose a specific candidate for the presidential position.”

And he indicated that “there is a possibility to pass the President of the Republic without the presence of the Democratic Party in the session to elect the president, despite continuing discussions on this issue.” finished 25

A Kurdish Deputy Identifies The Options Of The Two Kurdish Parties To Resolve The Presidential Candidate’s File And Monitors The Most Likely Ones

Friday, July 8, 2022 3:42 PM   National News Center / Special   The representative of the Kurdistan Islamic Group, Jamal Kojer, confirmed today, Friday, that there are three options for the two Kurdish parties to resolve the issue of the candidate for the presidency of the republic.

Cougar said in a statement to the “National News Center”, “There are several options for the ‘Party’ and the ‘Ekte’ to resolve the issue of the candidate for the presidency of the republic.”

And he indicated that “the options are summed up in agreeing on the candidate of one of the two parties or going towards a compromise candidate from the independents,” explaining that the meetings will unfold after the feast to resolve the issue.

Cougar suggested “going towards the last option, which is the deputies’ resolution of the presidential file within the dome of the House of Representatives.”

Al-Kazemi Extends An Invitation To The Political Forces – Urgent

Policy   2022-07-09 | 02:49  3,418 views  Alsumaria News – Nineveh, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi called today, Saturday, for political forces to assume their national responsibility in resolving the political crisis.

Al-Kazemi’s media office stated in a statement received by Alsumaria News, “The Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, met today during his inspection visit to the province of Nineveh, with a number of members of Parliament from representatives of the province, in addition to a number of officials in it.

The statement added, “The meeting witnessed a review of the governorate’s reality and needs in all sectors, and a search for ways to work hard in order to enhance the investment and reconstruction environment in the governorate, and to achieve the demands of its people.”

During the meeting, Al-Kazemi stressed “the importance of cooperation and integration between the work of the legislative and executive authorities, and the need for high coordination in order to improve performance and meet the aspirations of citizens.”

Al-Kazemi said, “There are great opportunities for the province, and we must all work on them in cooperation and assistance,” noting that “cooperation between the executive and legislative authorities is very important, and you should work as one team, to serve your province and your country.”

He continued, “Cooperate in creating a conducive environment to launch and implement projects as quickly as possible, and never compromise on the quality of work.”

He continued: “Our people and our children deserve a lot, and they have experienced difficulties, and it is time to intensify efforts to serve them, and remove all obstacles.”

He pointed out that “many obstacles and problems can be solved in cooperation and coordination in order to facilitate procedures and speed up work mechanisms.”

He explained, “The country is witnessing a specific political situation, but this should not prevent us from working in the service of our people with full force and without any hesitation.” And he

added: “Although I call on the political forces to assume their national responsibility in resolving the political crisis, I declare that this government is proceeding with its duty vigorously, and it will not delay in providing service to our people with all its capabilities,”  he said.

He pointed out that “there are other projects in various governorates that are being worked on vigorously, and they will be opened soon.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “I congratulate you once again on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Adha, and I wish you success in serving the country and the citizen, and cooperating together in supporting projects and pushing them towards completion with strength and measure.”   LINK

Al-Kazemi Identifies The 4 Most Prominent “Security Achievements” That Occurred During The Past Two Years

Policy  2022-07-09 | 02:09   Source:  Alsumaria news  554 views   Alsumaria News – Nineveh, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, today, Saturday, held a meeting with the security and military leaders in Nineveh Governorate, while he identified the four most prominent security achievements that occurred during the past two years.

Al-Kazemi’s media office stated in a statement received by Alsumaria News, “The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Mustafa Al-Kazemi, chaired a meeting of the security and military leaders in the province ofNinevehHe arrived this morning for an inspection visit.

The statement added, “The meeting witnessed a discussion of the security reality in the province, five years after its liberation from the clutches of the terrorist organization ISIS, and ways to implement security plans and mechanisms to enhance integration in the work of the security and military services.”

Al-Kazemi stressed, according to the statement, “the importance of establishing preventive security, in order to consolidate the stability of the province, and to pre-empt any attempt to harm the lives, security and property of citizens.”

He continued, “On days like these, our heroes in our security forces liberated a cityMosulWhat makes the joy of Eid two joys, andMosulShe went through very difficult days, but she persevered and resisted and expelled the intruders.”

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03:42 | 2022-03-20  He pointed out that “the city was liberated by the hands of its heroes, the heroes of the Iraqi army, the counter-terrorism forces, the Federal Police, the Popular Mobilization, the Peshmerga, and all our brave, heroic security forces from all provinces.”

Iraq He explained: “Our security forces of all kinds are still continuing their national battle against terrorism at every point in the worldIraqAnd I assure them that they are at the highest levels of readiness… to monitor, follow up, and eliminate terrorists.”

And he declared, “This practical approach has made our cities and villages safe, thanks to the intensive intelligence and security efforts that you and your colleagues are making.”

He continued, “We succeeded in arresting the senior leaders of ISIS terrorist, and penetrating it from the depth, and we are continuing to support our forces with all force to be a striking and effective force against terrorism and crime of all kinds.”

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