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Security forces repel ISIS attack on al-Siniyah District west of Baiji


The Federal Police Command announced on Thursday, that the security forces had managed to repel two attacks by the ISIS militants on the district of al-Siniyah west of Baiji.

The Federal Police Command said in a statement received by, “Our heroes of the federal police, stationed in al-Siniyah Airport, were able to kill seven elements of the ISIS and destroy three booby-trapped vehicles after a failed attempt by the enemy to attack our defensive by booby-trapped vehicles and suicide bombers.”

For its part, the media office of al-Hashed al-Sha’bi announced in a statement today, “The Imam Ali Brigades and Sayed al-Shuhadaa Brigades had repelled another attack by ISIS on the district of al-Siniyah,” noting that, “Those forces were able to burn four booby-trapped vehicles and kill a large number of the attacking force.”

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