TNT "Tidbits From TNT" Wednesday Morning 5-17-2023



Tishwash:  Economist: The government is moving towards eliminating the parallel market for dollars


The researcher in economic affairs, Muhammad Attia Al-Saadi, considered the security and control campaigns to deter dollar dealers in the commercial markets as the right step towards reducing the gap between the official and parallel price.


Al-Saadi told Al-Maalooma, “The problem of the dollar’s high price did not end with merchants and company owners entering the electronic platform to buy dollars from the Central Bank.”

He added, “Many car and electrical companies and merchants were dealing in the process of buying and selling in dollars with citizens, which prompted the government to impose dealings in dinars by force by taking legal pledges.”


Al-Saadi expected that “the exchange rate will witness a decrease in prices in the coming days,” pointing to “the importance of intensifying government measures, monitoring manipulators, and blocking the path towards any speculators who constantly update their methods to speculate in dollars and exhaust citizens with high prices.”   Link


CandyKisses:  Government: The approval of the budget reflects positively through the increase in the volume of international investments in Iraq


The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed on Wednesday that the approval of the financial budget is reflected positively by increasing the volume of international investments in the country’s markets.


According to a statement issued by the ministry today, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein met, on Tuesday, the United Kingdom Ambassador to Iraq, Mark Bryson-Richardson.


The statement pointed out that during the meeting, they discussed strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries and inviting His Excellency to visit the United Kingdom in the coming months to open the sixth session of the Iraqi-British Trade Ministerial Council and sign the partnership and cooperation agreement between the two countries.


The statement also pointed out that they discussed the efforts and procedures of the Iraqi government in dealing with the issue of migration, and the Iraqi government’s efforts to reduce escalation and find diplomatic solutions to crises by adopting mediation and dialogue efforts in the region.


The ministry continued in its statement that during the meeting, they discussed dialogues with the International Monetary Fund in the application of non-financing programs to provide support and advice to the Iraqi government to implement its economic reform program, and the approval of the Iraqi parliament of the government budget, which will be soon, which would be reflected positively by increasing the volume of international investments in the Iraqi markets, especially in light of the security and economic stability that Iraq is currently witnessing.




CandyKisses:  US newspaper: Washington “loses” its influence in Iraq because of the dollar


Baghdad Today – Baghdad


The American newspaper (The Cradle) announced in a report published today, that Washington is “losing” influence over the Iraqi authorities as a result of measures currently being taken against the use of the dollar inside the country, which it said the United States is using as a “tool of political pressure.”


And the newspaper stated, according to what was translated (Baghdad Today), that the Iraqi government, after taking a decision to prevent the circulation of the dollar locally on the fourteenth of this month, directly weakened the “US control over the Iraqi political situation” as a result of the policy of “extracting the dollar” that it is now pursuing, according to described.


And she continued, “The US administration uses the dollar as a means of political pressure, which has greatly affected the Iraqi economic conditions, especially during the past few years, as a result of the restrictions imposed by Washington on Iraq’s access to its stock of dollars.”


And she added, “The Iraqi government moved quickly towards measures that reduce its dependence on the dollar towards extracting it completely from the Iraqi economy to maintain stable internal conditions at least,” according to its description.


It is noteworthy that a member of Parliament, Hussein Moanis, told the newspaper that the Iraqi economy is “enslaved by the United States through the dollar,” which forces Iraqi lawmakers to move towards reducing the circulation of the dollar in the Iraqi market to get rid of Washington’s “dominance” over the economy, according to his description.




Tishwash:  Iraq is preparing to open its embassy in the Irish capital, Dublin


Iraq intends to open an embassy in the Irish capital, Dublin, in the near future.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement, issued by it, that the Irish Ambassador to Iraq, residing in Amman, Marian Bolger, met with Ambassador Haider Mansour Al-Athari, Head of the Europe Department in Baghdad, and “expressed her aspiration to work with the staff of the Iraqi embassy, which will soon be opened in the Irish capital, Dublin.”


The Irish ambassador affirmed, “Her government’s readiness to provide all forms of support to Iraq, especially in the economic and food security fields, in addition to providing support to the Iraqi government in implementing its economic reform program,” praising the “security and economic stability that Iraq is currently witnessing.”


Al-Adhari extended his congratulations to Bolger on “the occasion of presenting her credentials as a non-resident and delegated ambassador extraordinary to the Embassy of Ireland accredited to the Republic of Iraq in Jordan,” expressing his aspiration for “to strengthen cooperation between Iraq and Ireland in all fields, especially with regard to the political and economic aspects,” according to the statement. .