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Wednesday AM Iraq Economic News Highlights 8-10-22


The Food Security Act Leaves A New Shock To The Graduates And The Unemployed


Posted On2022-08-10 By Sotaliraq     Baghdad/ Saif Abdullah   The law of emergency support for food security and development, which was recently enacted, revealed the large amount of unemployment in all Iraqi governorates, as the funds allocated by the law do not meet the actual need for job seekers.


On June 8, 2022, the Iraqi parliament voted on the law on emergency support for food security as a whole.


And the Parliament’s media department stated, “The law aims to achieve food security, reduce poverty, achieve financial stability in light of urgent global developments, continue to provide services to citizens and raise the standard of living for them after the budget law expires, creating job opportunities, maximizing Iraqis’ benefit from state resources, advancing development and resuming Work on stalled and lagging projects due to lack of funding and the progress of new projects of importance.”


The only solution to the problem of Iraq


In this regard, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Sajjad Salem, confirmed that “the job grades that came within the Food Security Law are 1,000 degrees for each governorate, and this number is insufficient and is not commensurate with unemployment and graduates.”


Salem said in an interview with Al-Mada, “The government should look into other areas, especially in the private sector, to provide job opportunities through the adoption of the Social Security Law for the private sector,” expecting that this law “is the only solution to the problem of unemployment in Iraq.”


He pointed out that “the numbers that applied for appointment within the thousand degrees, which reached forty thousand or more, reveal the size of unemployment in Iraq and the huge numbers that are actually tangible.”


Notes On The Law


For his part, the economic expert Mahmoud al-Mashhadani explained that there are many observations in the Food Security Law in terms of paragraphs, including the issue of a thousand degrees for each governorate.


Al-Mashhadani said in an interview with (Al-Mada), that “Iraq needs large numbers of job grades to appoint graduates, and therefore these degrees are not sufficient in the first place.”


Al-Mashhadani asked, “Why did the government approve a thousand degrees for each governorate? On what basis was it adopted? As the numbers and areas of each governorate differ from the other, not to mention the percentages of poverty and deprivation in some cities.”


Legal Objection


In addition, the legal expert, Adnan Al-Sharifi, considered that “the food security law is fundamentally contrary to the fact that Parliament cannot present bills for itself; Then he would vote on it. Rather, the first was to submit the government’s proposal to Parliament for a vote.”


Al-Sharifi said in an interview with Al-Mada, “It is forbidden for the caretaker government to invalidate bills,” noting that “Parliament has the right to legislate laws that do not entail financial obligations.”  LINK


Finance Announces The Release Of Funds For Lecturers And Administrators In The Governorates


Money  and business   Economy News-Baghdad  Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Finance announced the release of financial amounts for lecturers and administrators, as well as labor and social security contributions for the governorates .


A statement by the ministry stated, “The Ministry of Finance has started implementing the Diwani Order No. 35 of 2022, which includes the release of financial amounts for lecturers and administrators, labor and social security contributions for the governorates, covered by the Emergency Food Security Support Law No. 2 of 2022. ”    59 . views   Added 08/10/2022 – 12:08 PM   Update 08/10 2022 – 1:33 PM


With A Difference Of 100 Dinars.. Dollar Exchange Rates On The Iraqi Stock Exchange


Economie| 09:44 – 10/08/2022  Baghdad – Mawazine News, the dollar exchange rates stabilized today, Tuesday, on the Iraqi Stock Exchange.


Selling price: 148,600 dinars per $100,  buying price: 148,500 dinars per $100


Official Statistics: Ashura Visitors Made 220 Million Phone Calls In Two Days


Money  and business   Economy News-Baghdad   Statistics prepared by the Media and Communications Authority showed, on Wednesday, that the rates of mobile phone use doubled during the days of the Ashura visit for the period from the eighth to the tenth of Muharram, with a percentage exceeding 100% in some communication indicators.


The Commission recorded that licensed mobile phone companies in Iraq passed more than 220.5 million phone calls during the above period, while there were 155,783 foreign users of mobile phone networks within international roaming services, and the number of international external calls reached 303,800 calls.


Regarding Internet services, the Authority’s indicators recorded a total data consumption through mobile networks, with an amount of


583,449 terabytes, an increase of 101.70% over last year, with a download rate of 40 Mbit/s and an upload rate of 13 Mbit/s.    6 . views   Added 08/10/2022 – 12:39 PM   Update 08/10 2022 – 1:23 PM


An Expert Talks About Iraq’s Loss Of Two Million Dollars A Day.. Where Do You Go?


Article  at link:


A Pessimistic Report By The United Nations: A Mass Exodus In Iraq And The Drowning Of 3 Provinces


Reports   Economy News – translation


A recent report issued by the United Nations Office for Coordination warned that the risk of migration between Iraqi governorates is increasing due to climate changes and the exacerbation of drought problems, indicating that some areas in southern Iraq may be subject to inundation due to the rise in the water level of the Arabian Gulf.


The report, titled “Migration, Environment and Climate Change in Iraq”, translated by “Al-Iqtisad News”, stated that “Basra, Maysan and Dhi Qar, the three governorates that make up southern Iraq, tend to record the largest number of internal displacement caused by water over the past decade, mainly due to water scarcity.


Pollution and soil salinity in some villages, especially in Dhi Qar, the residents of up to half of the houses migrated, and the lack of water led to the displacement of nearly 15,000 new displacement cases in Dhi Qar, Maysan and Basra in 2019 and in November, 2021 the International Organization for Migration recorded the displacement of 12 thousand and 348 A person from southern Iraq due to drought.”


He added, “About 8% of families in Basra, 3% in Dhi Qar and 13% in Maysan, depend entirely on agriculture, livestock or fishing, and they do not have an alternative source of income such as working in the government or security forces, and these percentages are equivalent to approximately 75,000 people.” “.


“The past five years witnessed, many families completely abandoned agricultural livelihoods, as 7% of all agricultural families gave up, including 4% in Basra, 12% in Dhi Dhakkar, 8% in Maysan, and 20% of families in southern Iraq abandoned agriculture after one of its members emigrated in the past five years (a much higher rate than non-farm families), while another 30% per cent indicated that they were considering emigrating. According to the report.


The report warned that “floods are another major danger in southern Iraq, as heavy rains have caused widespread flooding in Basra and Maysan, damaging or destroying homes and displacing entire communities in the affected areas.”


And he warned that “the climate threat may lead to floods resulting from rising sea levels. By 2050, the areas in the far south of Iraq (mostly populated in Basra, but also Maysan and Dhi Qar) may be partially submerged as a result of rising sea waters. saline water to groundwater aquifers will further disrupt irrigation and agricultural activities, exert additional pressure on arable lands and cause the displacement of an entire community.


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“In Order To Understand The World, I Understand The Economy.” A New Book By An Iraqi Economist At The University Of Bucharest


money  and business   Economy News-Baghdad  Recently, Barnes and Noble Publishing House in Norway published a book (In order to understand the world, I understand the economy) by the Iraqi economist Dr. Nawar Al-Saadi, Professor of International Economics from the University of Bucharest, Romania and Director of the Research Center at Cihan University – Duhok.


The book consists of three parts (409) pages, where the first part includes the basic concepts of the economy in a simplified way for all, such as: what is the macro and micro economy, trade balance and balance of payments, gross domestic product and national product, monopoly, demand and supply…etc, from Then the common economic systems such as the market economy, the traditional and the common, in addition to the most important problems that the economy deals with such as (what do we produce, how do we produce and for whom do we produce).


The second part deals with the importance of the economy in our daily lives as individuals, such as the financial management of the family, how to start investing, how to become a good financial analyst, the role of the economy in the performance of private sector companies, and then the importance of the economy for the state at the security, political and social levels.


As for the third part, it deals with: the global economy such as trade wars, international financial institutions, hegemony over energy, economic sanctions, financial crises, causes and solutions.


Then the conclusion about how the economy will look like in the future and talk about (the knowledge economy) and the impact of technology and globalization, clean energy and the most important jobs threatened with extinction and what are the alternative jobs,


What are the skills required for the upcoming job market?


The book is now available on the following global platforms:


  1. Amazon USA website at the link below:



  1. Google Books website link:…


  1. British Smashwords website link:


  1. Goodreads website link:…/61868282-to-understand-the…


  1. Barnes & Noble Norway website link:


Dr. Al-Saadi has many books and research published in international scholarly journals, including the book “Globalization of the Free Economy”, which achieved great success in the number of copies sold on the American Amazon website.   55 . views   Added 08/10 2022 – 10:27 AM   Update 08/10 2022 – 1:36 PM

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