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Thursday PM Iraq Parliament News Highlights 7-28-22


The Iraqi Communist Party Calls For Early Elections Organized By An Interim Government


The Iraqi Communist Party called for the organization of early elections, organized by an interim government, calling on those who were not involved in crises, to unite efforts to create an equation that represents a political alternative to the quota system.


The political office of the party said in a statement that at a time when the repercussions of the political impasse and its negative repercussions on the stability of the country and the lives and livelihoods of the people are intensifying, the party bears full responsibility for the forces that still adhere to quotas as an approach to managing the state. Rather, it manifests itself in the manifestations and expressions of the deep crisis of the political process based on sectarian and ethnic quotas, incubating failure and corruption.


Coordination Framework: We Hold The Government Responsible For The Current Events And Warn Of Sedition


The entry of demonstrators from any side to the courtyards of the House of Representatives in the Green Zone and the encroachment on the security protection of the region is a blatant violation of the legitimate right to demonstrate.. Reality may lead to intersections with the protections of representatives and officials..


Therefore, the government of Brother Al-Kazemi must assume its constitutional responsibilities in protecting the situation security and social security and to avoid bloodshed among Iraqis, and to use legitimate means to deter any attack on the prestige of the state and its institutions..


The protesting brothers must immediately withdraw from the region and abide by the right to legal protest and not be drawn into calls for confrontation with the forces charged with protection..


Oh God, protect Iraq and Iraqis from all bad..


Nouri Al-Maliki, President of the State of Law Coalition, 27 July 2022

“Minister Al-Sadr” On The Storming Of Parliament: A Message Received By The Parties And Understood By The Judiciary


Baghdad – IQ    Salih Muhammad al-Iraqi, known as the “minister” of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, published on Thursday (July 28, 2022) a new publication regarding yesterday’s demonstrations, which witnessed the storming of the heavily fortified Green Zone and the parliament building, which the leader of the Sadrist movement described as “Ear jar”.


Below is the text of “Minister Al-Sadr’s” post, as published by Abla on the Facebook platform:


“In the name of God


– disciplined masses


– peaceful demonstrations


– unrivaled spontaneity


– speed of storming and suddenness


– courage and strength of heart


– obedience to the leader


– high level understanding of his taste and wishes


– it was a foothold that enrages and frightens the corrupt and subordinate


– It was only a small part of the current.. So what if the current was of its usual weight?


– So today, then.. and tomorrow?!


– The cooperation of the security forces, may God increase them in strength, honor and pride


– The participation of some loved ones from the October revolutionaries.. It made it an Iraqi epic.. Thanks to them




– A message received by the parties and understood by the judiciary and absorbed by the whole world


– Perhaps it can serve as a message for the normalizers, the compromising and the (Mim)


– Yesterday Against the dictator and today against corruption and subordination, that is why you reminded us of the popular revolution


– you raised our heads high.. God increased you in honor and glory


. Therefore, as he said: The last intervention by (His Eminence) regarding the demonstrations is if the corrupt continue their tyranny, stubbornness, corruption and injustice And their subordination and hatred of the homeland.. If the people are with this discipline, they deserve to be the leader and the one who decides their fate, so congratulations to the homeland for you and congratulations to you on the homeland , for God has honored the homeland with you and cherished you with it  (end of his words).–.html#


Political Gathering: Al-Kazemi Was Angry At Al-Sudani’s Candidacy And Plans To Create Crises


Politician   Last Update 07/28/2022 | 1:03 Pm   Information / Nineveh..A member of the network assembly, Sami Fadel, confirmed, on Thursday, that the caretaker prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, was angry at the announcement of the coordinating framework for the nomination of Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani as prime minister.


Fadel said in a statement to the “Information” agency, “What happened yesterday confirms the existence of a pre-prepared scenario for the political forces to be convinced that there is no alternative at the present time to keeping Al-Kazemi as prime minister.”


He added, “It is unreasonable for the Green Zone and the Parliament building to be stormed in less than two hours, at a time when the security services are supposed to protect the state’s public headquarters.”


Yesterday, hundreds of demonstrators stormed the Green Zone and entered the parliament building, before they withdrew after a tweet from the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr.


A Member Of Asa’ib Explains The Most Important Goals Behind The Demonstrations


Politician  Last Update 07/28/2022 | 8:49 AM   Information / Baghdad…A member of the Political Bureau of the Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq movement, Ahmed Abdel Hussein, explained the intentions behind the demonstrations at this time and after Al-Sudani was chosen for the position of Prime Minister, pointing out that Al-Kazemi is pushing the demonstrations with the support of some parties wishing to continue in the position.


Abdul-Hussein told Al-Maalouma, “The largest component has the right to choose Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, and this matter is beyond doubt. Untested for this position as well as being from a well-known family and has a clean career track record.”


He added, “The coordinating framework is aware of the emergence of demonstrations and reactions to obstruct the selection of the prime minister, and this method is incorrect, given that there are components that exited from the political process voluntarily if these demonstrations were obstructed by them.”


And he indicated that “reactions may rise more than today, at a time when the street can no longer tolerate more than what is happening in the current circumstance,” stressing that “Al-Kazemi seeks to stay in power for as long as possible and is trying to do so through external action to ensure his support in continuing.”


He continued, “Al-Kazemi moved towards pushing the demonstrations and obtaining the support of some blocs that wished him to continue in the position, after he achieved for them what they aspired to.” finished 25


The Speaker Of The House Of Representatives Stresses The Need To Find Solutions That Are Consistent With The Importance Of The Stage


495   Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi stressed the importance of finding solutions that are consistent with the importance of the stage the country is going through.


A statement from Al-Halbousi’s office stated that “the Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, received the head of the Kurdistan Justice Group, Sheikh Ali Babir, and his accompanying delegation.”


He added, “During the meeting, the developments of the political scene in the country were discussed, and the need to find solutions that are consistent with the importance of the stage and its requirements were emphasized.”


The Judicial Council Approves Proposals To Address The Problems Between The Center And The Region In The Legal Cases Before The Various Courts


political news  July 28, 2022     The Supreme Judicial Council approved proposals to address the problems between the center and the region in the legal cases before the various courts.


A statement to the council’s media stated that the Supreme Judicial Council held its eighth session, today, Thursday, headed by the President of the Federal Court of Cassation, Judge Faiq Zaidan, and a plan for distributing graduates of the Judicial Institute session (42) was approved according to the needs of the presidencies of appeal and the assignment of some judges and members of the public prosecution according to work requirements.


The council approved the proposals submitted by the joint committee for cooperation in addressing the problems between the center and the region in the legal cases before the various courts.


Deputy Speaker Of Parliament Chairs The Joint Meeting Of Three Parliamentary Committees


Today, Thursday, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Shakhwan Abdullah chaired the joint meeting of three parliamentary committees to discuss and discuss five laws.


A statement by the Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives stated, “The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Shakhwan Abdullah, chaired the joint meeting of three parliamentary committees, namely, security, defense, human rights, and transportation, to discuss and discuss a number of laws.”


The statement added, “The meeting will discuss the draft law on information crimes, the draft law on freedom of expression, assembly and peaceful demonstration, the draft law on the Media and Communications Authority, the draft law on communications and informatics, and the draft law on the Ministry of Communications and Technology.”


Al-Maliki’s Leaks And Al-Sadr’s “Permission Jar”


The path to the equation of governance in Iraq is not straightforward, and changing the existing constitution has become inevitable


Saad bin Tafla Al-Ajmi , former Minister of Information in Kuwait @TheAadbin6iflah


Friday 29 July 2022 0:02  The coordination framework insists on naming Muhammad al-Sudani as prime minister despite the protests (AFP)


It is the “village talk” in Iraq these days, leaked recordings of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki , who was prime minister for two terms (2006-2014), perhaps the worst phases of Iraqi political history since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003: sectarian fighting, and sectarian terrorist massacres under institutional supervision. And horrific terrorist operations by ” Al- Qaeda ” and “ISIS”, and the control of “ISIS” over a third of Iraq in 2014, until they reached the outskirts of Baghdad and Karbala, after Maliki’s army handed them over Mosul without a fight, and were it not for the Arab-Western alliance and their air superiority, they would have occupied ISIS is all over Iraq .


Personally, I did not find in the recordings anything new about Al-Maliki’s sectarian language, and I only saw in it its leakage itself. The man does not conceal his hateful sectarianism, does not practice political piety to hide it, and does not deny that Iraq is for the Shiites alone, and he used shameful deeds during his presidency of the government. Twice, during which his forces practiced a policy of sectarian “purification” that compares to the brutality of ISIS in killing and expelling those who violate it in terms of sect and religion.


Al-Maliki denied the authenticity of the leaks, and issued a statement claiming that they were among the conspiracies being hatched against him, because he is the savior of the Shiites and the protector of their protectors in Iraq. But I think that the leaks may be the last nail in al-Maliki’s political coffin, and perhaps his coffin towards the grave.


Yesterday (Wednesday evening) al-Sadr’s supporters invaded the Green Zone, and stormed the House of Representatives in protest against the news of the nomination of the “coordinating framework”, that is, the Shiite political forces loyal to Iran, to Mr. Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani, whom the protesters consider to be al-Maliki’s men, what about their reaction if the candidate is al-Maliki himself?


The Sadrist movement’s protest against the prime minister’s nomination, even if it was al-Maliki himself, is an addition to the chaos and complexity of the Iraqi political scene. The movement withdrew its deputies who won the parliamentary elections last October, and submitted their resignations to allow others to form a government! Whoever withdrew, which is the majority, because he was unable to form a government because of the protest of the minority, his argument against naming the prime minister after the withdrawal is weakened.


The important thing is that the protesters withdrew after they achieved a “jar of permission”, as stated verbatim in a tweet posted on his account by the most powerful man in Iraq today, Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr! So it is, then, just a “jar of permission” in the Iraqi dialect.


Hours before writing this article, Iraq was on the verge of a Shiite-Shiite fight, reports indicate that Iran is behind stopping it so far in order to preserve the “unity of the Shiite house.” It was reported that General Ismail Qaani, commander of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran, was in Baghdad On Wednesday, for hours, it was leaked that Iranian pressure reached the point of threatening direct intervention to stop the parties that could start fighting. As for Nuri al-Maliki, the hero of the leaks, he appeared surrounded by his guard, pulling his rifle, ready to fight with the Sadrist movement, whom al-Maliki threatened to crush and eliminate with the leaks.


Despite the storming of the Green Zone and the House of Representatives by protesters against the nomination of Muhammad al-Sudani as prime minister, the coordinating framework adheres to his candidacy, which may threaten to escalate and exacerbate matters. Things have gone beyond leaks, and may reach something more dangerous than that.


The path to the equation of governance in Iraq is not impassable, according to the existing system and constitution, and therefore its change is inevitable. Otherwise, Iraq will emerge from one crisis to enter another, and each stage may be worse than the previous ones


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