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Wednesday AM Iraq Parliament News Highlights 6-22-22


Deputy: The Framework’s Compatibility With Party And Sovereignty Needs To Pay A Heavy Price


Policy  2022-06-22 | 05:32   Alsumaria News – Politics   MP Aso Fereydoun Ali Amin affirmed, today, Wednesday, that the coordination of the coordination framework with Al-Party and sovereignty needs to pay a heavy price.


Amin said in a post onTwitterAlsumaria News followed it, “Between the majority of the current and the consensus of the framework, the first collided with the decisions of the Federal Court, but this did not discourage Mr. and his deputies by sticking to their position of rejecting consensus, so they resigned.”


He added, “The framework’s compatibility with the party and sovereignty requires paying a heavy price. Do you adhere to the consensus, or are you going to the framework majority?”   LINK


The Rule Of Law For Tomorrow’s Parliament Session: It Will Be “Very Important” For These Reasons


Sumerian special  2022-06-22 | 04:24  Source:  Alsumaria news   3,315 views   Alsumaria News – Baghdad, Representative of the State of Law coalition, Muhammad Mohsen Al-Sihoud, confirmed today, Wednesday, that tomorrow’s special session, Thursday, is a very important step in the way of resolving the political crisis and forming the next government.


Chihod said in an interview with Alsumaria News, “The emergency extraordinary session that Parliament has scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, we believe that it is a very important step, and it is intended to repeat the oath to the replacement deputies, and it is the first step in order to speed up the exit from the political crisis and the formation of the government.”


And he indicated that “the political process has gone through difficult circumstances and great challenges, most notably the service situation, pensions, unemployment, and the need for a government with full powers capable of addressing all difficult and important files.”


Chihod added, “Iraq has a very large financial abundance, and therefore benefiting from these funds and spending them properly needs a new government with full powers, which sends the federal budget and draws up the general policy and government program for the next stage,” noting that “the current government is for the conduct of business and not She can offer something.”


He continued, “The presidency of the parliament within the political custom is for the Sunni component, and they are not crowded out or their participation in the matter, and the same situation is reflected in the position of the President of the Republic, which is also an entitlement to the Kurdish component, and therefore the position of the Prime Minister and the selection of the appropriate candidate is an entitlement to the Shiite component and is assumed by others. Respect this    LINK


Government Formation… The Coordination Framework On The Line Of Serious Negotiations‎


Sumerian special   2022-06-22 | 03:50  Source:  Sumerian   698 views  Government formation: the coordination framework discusses the distribution of ministerial seats.


The Coordination Framework Forces will hold an important meeting Thursday to discuss the distribution of ministerial seats at a time when the Sovereignty Alliance presented a negotiating paper to participate in the next government.


After setting next Thursday an extraordinary session of the House of Representatives to take the constitutional oath of the resigned Sadrist bloc’s replacements, the coordination framework with its allies entered the stage of serious negotiations to win the poles of the tripartite alliance that disintegrated after the withdrawal


In detail, after the parliament session on Thursday, the framework forces intend to hold a meeting to discuss the formation of the government and the distribution of ministerial portfolios according to the political custom in addition to the parliamentary weight, as well as an agreement on a personality that has political weight, in addition to its experience in political work and its acceptability with a leader Sadrist Movement To assume the position of prime minister, according to sources from within the framework


These sources said, according to the data, that the Shiite component has twelve ministries, the share of the State of Law coalition will be four ministries, and the same for the Al-Fateh coalition led by Hadi Al-Amri while two ministerial portfolios will go to the Ataa alliance led by  Faleh Al FayyadThe State Forces Alliance will get one ministry, and the Nahj coalition will get one ministerial portfolio.


These developments come at a time when the Sovereignty Alliance presented a negotiating paper in order to participate in the formation of the next government, which includes building a state of real institutions, limiting arms to the hands of the state, and working to achieve security and stability and building the provinces . LINK


Independent Politician: The Framework Will Threaten The Dismissal Of Al-Halbousi In This Case


Sumerian special  2022-06-21 | 14:29  Source:  Sumerian  8,509 views   The independent politician, Salah Abdel Razzaq, suggested, today, Tuesday, that the coordination framework will resort to threatening to dismiss Muhammad Al-Halbousi from the presidency of the House of Representatives if the Sovereignty Alliance imposes complex conditions regarding the formation of the government.


Abdul Razzaq said in an interview with the “Eshreen” program broadcast by Alsumaria satellite channel, that “there are negotiations between the framework, sovereignty and the Kurdistan Democratic Party to form the government,” adding that “the coordination seeks a government in which all political blocs participate.”


He added, “The framework will not move to dismiss Al-Halbousi from the presidency of Parliament, but will use this paper to pressure if the Sovereignty Alliance imposes complex conditions regarding the formation of the government.”


And he indicated, “The dismissal of the Speaker of the House of Representatives requires a vote of half plus one of the members of the House, and the framework is able to achieve this easily.”


Abdul Razzaq said, “The formation of the government is not dependent on withdrawal.” Sadrist Movementnor any other.”   LINK


Al-Sahhaf: The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Is Investigating The Accuracy Of The Reports About The Exposure Of Numbers Of Iraqi Immigrants To Dangers


Iraq   10:04 – 06-22-2022  Al-Sahhaf:   The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it is investigating the accuracy of reports about the exposure of numbers of Iraqi immigrants to life-threatening risks.


The ministry’s spokesman, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, said in a statement, that the ministry is following with great interest what has been circulated through media agencies and websites, regarding the exposure of numbers of Iraqi immigrants to life-threatening risks.


Al-Sahaf added that the ministry is investigating the accuracy of what was stated through the official reports and is coordinating with the authorities and international bodies to find out their details, in addition to the concerned Iraqi embassies in those countries playing their role in investigating the validity of the information reliably.


Al-Kazemi: I Hope That We Will Unite As Iraqis At This Sensitive Time For The Sake Of Iraq


05:39 – 06-21-2022  Today, Tuesday, Federal Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi stressed the importance of Iraqis uniting for a real reform process that will reflect positively on society, while expressing his refusal to question the security services and launch offensive accusations against them.


Al-Kazemi said during today’s cabinet session, according to a statement issued by his media office, “I would like to congratulate our heroic security and military forces of all kinds, for the daily effort they have been making for a long time, and operations continue to pursue terrorist groups. Among the criminal killers is the so-called governor of Anbar


, and he added, “Unfortunately, we hear voices questioning our security services, accusing them of offensive accusations, and it is really unfortunate that there are those who offer blood for Iraq and there are those who question these sacrifices.”


He continued, “I hope that we will unite as Iraqis at this sensitive time for the sake of Iraq and for a real reform process in our political and economic system, and to reflect positively on society and citizens.”


He pointed out that “during two years, this government was accused of various accusations, and we bore them for the sake of the Iraqis, and we all assumed responsibility as prime minister and ministers, and the results began to appear on the issue of development or on the economic situation, as well as on the speed of economic growth.”


He explained, “Among the accusations leveled at the government was the issue of the Chinese agreement, as this government was accused of trying to obstruct it, but you followed up last week the first project we embarked on is the project to build 1,000 schools across Iraq.”


The Prime Minister asked, “How can the government obstruct this agreement? When in fact it has started implementing it within the most important education project,” adding, “We are continuing with this project in its first phase, and the second phase also includes building 1,000 schools, and it will also include all governorates.” Education is of great importance, and the advancement of societies depends on education.”


He stressed, “We must cherish our history, which was a major contributor to human civilization, and now the Chinese agreement has implemented part of it, which is the part related to building schools, and in the coming stages we will continue to implement the rest of the provisions.”


He continued, “So the claim that the government is obstructing the Chinese agreement is a claim that the reality has proven to be a false allegation, and it falls within the false accusations.”


On Iraq’s foreign relations, Al-Kazemi said: “Iraq has sought, during the past period in its foreign policy, to calm the region, which is experiencing very serious turmoil and challenges, and the repercussions of the war in Ukraine have become influential on food security in the whole world.”


He added, “Our policy from the first moment was to follow the policy of balance and work to build good relations with Iraq’s neighbors and friends, so that these relations would serve the Iraqi citizen, and be able to attract foreign investments, and we succeeded in this process.”


He pointed out that “Iraq possesses all the ingredients for success, as well as an important strategic location, and a creative people that can play its role in economic integration and development, and present its experiences and benefit from the experiences of others.”


He said: “During this period, we succeeded in bringing many investments to Iraq, through cooperation with neighboring countries and friends of Iraq, and we are continuing this policy for the sake of Iraq and for the interest of the Iraqis. A new government will be formed, and in every meeting I emphasize continuing to work until the last minute in serving the citizen and serving Iraq.


He stressed that “this relationship with the citizen is very important, and it is also important to listen to citizens’ complaints and implement their true demands, and we must present ideas to solve these problems, and serve the demands that need special legislation, in cooperation with our colleagues in Parliament.”


A Parliamentary Bloc Excludes The Formation Of A Government Soon And Expects The Emergence Of A “New Disabled Third”


Political | 09:20 – 06/22/2022   A parliamentary bloc excludes the formation of a government soon and expects the emergence of a “new 142962018_perlemento_-iraq


Baghdad – Mawazine News, head of the Sabean-Mandaean Parliamentary Bloc, Osama Al-Badri, on Wednesday ruled out forming a government soon, expecting the emergence of a “new blocking third” in Parliament.


Al-Badri said in an interview with the official newspaper, “The previous vision of the alliances differs from the current vision due to the withdrawal of the Sadrist movement, as if the political process begins again with a first parliamentary session, so the balances have changed and the old visions have been replaced by new ones, and a number of parliamentary blocs have expressed their reservations.”


He pointed out that “the independents bloc’s position is firm and will not change, with the government of the national majority,” ruling out that “a government will be formed soon,” and he expected “the emergence of a new blocking third in Parliament.”  He added, that ” LINK

Popular Rejection Of The Consensus Government: Public Quotas ‎


Sumerian special  2022-06-22 | 04:42  Source:  Sumerian  510 views  Popular rejection of the consensus government and citizens: There is no return to the Attar mixture. Citizens: Consensual governments are failures and public quotas.


There is no return to square one, or what is called the Attar mixture. This is what citizens said in a clear and explicit objection to the consensus government, which indicates that there is a broad popular rejection that the next government may clash with at any moment.


Returning to Al-Attar’s plan with a consensual government that does not differ from its predecessors, it seems that it did not clash with the rejection of some political forces only. The street also rejects the idea of consensus and opposes it in whole and in detail… After seven governments have failed, citizens speak. There is no hope for a consensual government shared by the parties.


The consensus government for the street is an experience It is a failure. There is nothing new in it except for quotas between parties. This is what was expressed by citizens who reject any consensus that brings the scene back to square one, demanding a presidential ruling in which there is no parliament or blocs, led by a person elected by the people.


The citizen’s rejection of the consensus government may lead to demonstrations and protests in the future, but in the end, it is a prior answer to any question about the street’s position on a government mix similar to its predecessors titled quotas in ministries and bodies.   LINK


The Democrat: There Are No Outcomes For The Al-Halbousi House Meeting, And A Strong Government Must Be Formed


Political | 09:58 – 06/21/2022  Baghdad – Mawazine News   Today, Tuesday, the Kurdistan Democratic Party identified its negotiating demands, while stressing that there are no outcomes so far from its meeting today with the coordination framework and the Sovereignty Alliance at the house of Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi, he called for the formation of a strong government.


Kurdistan Democratic Party MP Majid Shankali said, “The withdrawal of the Sadrist bloc from the legislative authority made it necessary for the other two parties to the (Save the Homeland) coalition to move with a realistic vision, which prompted the party to form a negotiating delegation headed by Fouad Hussein and the membership of two Rikani banks and Shakhwan Abdullah. To find understandings related to the file of forming a government.”


He added, “The party’s meeting with the coordination framework and the Alliance of Sovereignty in Baghdad today at the house of the Speaker of Parliament has not produced any outputs so far, but most likely the file of next Thursday’s session of Parliament was discussed, and in fact, the reason for holding the session is not yet clear.”


He continued, “There are those who say that her contract aims to take the replacements of the Sadrist bloc to the constitutional oath as new parliamentarians after fifty deputies submitted a request in this regard, and there is an opinion indicating that it will discuss the file of the Turkish bombing of northern Iraq after submitting a request by the Al-Sadiqun bloc.”


Regarding the demands of the Democrat in the negotiations to form the government, Shankali explained, “It includes the application of Article 140 of the constitution regarding the disputed areas, solving the problem of the oil and gas law file by legislating its law, addressing financial problems with Baghdad, the dues of the Peshmerga and other files, and these files have not been resolved over all successive federal governments.


He stressed that “the negotiating points require dialogues, and the Democratic Party cannot be bypassed in the formation of the government, and differences must be resolved in accordance with the law and the constitution, and everyone must participate in forming a strong government capable of advancing the Iraqi reality politically, economically and security, especially in the economic aspect, as it must put it at the top of its priorities because The most important challenge.” Ended 29 / p. 87 LINK

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