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Wednesday Afternoon Iraq Parliament News Highlights 10-5-22


Blackshart: Political Differences In Iraq Have Affected The Citizens


Iraq  18:36 – 10-4-202  Today, Tuesday, the head of the United Nations mission in Iraq, Jenin Plaschaert, confirmed that the political differences in Iraq have affected the citizens because their end cannot be predicted, while noting that the United Nations supports the national dialogue initiative under the auspices of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.


In a speech to the UN Security Council, Plasschaert said, “With regard to the political dialogue and for the dialogue to bear fruit, it is very important that all parties participate in it, and all leaders must bear responsibility, and the United Nations supports the national dialogue initiative under the auspices of Al-Kazemi, and everyone must participate.”


She added, “The Iraqis were, throughout the post-election period, hostage to an unpredictable and intolerable situation, which turned into armed clashes, and we can only reiterate the importance of keeping any protest away from violence,” noting that “all parties must act responsibly in times of heightened tension.


And she continued, “There are solutions, but only if there is a willingness to reach settlements,” explaining that “in the end, it all comes down to the political will and all leaders must take responsibility.”


She added that “many Iraqis have lost confidence in the ability of the political class in Iraq to work for the benefit of the country and its people,” noting that “the continued failure to address this loss of confidence will only exacerbate Iraq’s problems, and rampant corruption is a root and major cause of dysfunction in Iraq.” .


Regarding the economic file, she warned that government spending will stop at the end of the year if the budget is not approved.


Regarding the Kurdistan Region, Plasschaert explained that “the political repercussions that result from not holding parliamentary elections for the Kurdistan Region in a timely manner, not dealing with public expectations correctly, and neglecting basic democratic principles, will be expensive and if that happens, it will not be because of not warning about it.” .


Regarding the Turkish and Iranian bombardments, Plasschaert pointed out that “in May, I warned that the Turkish and Iranian bombing in the north was going to become the “new normal” in Iraq, and in light of the Iranian attacks that took place last week, I can only repeat what I said, this must stop. Actions”.


Masrour Barzani and Ambassador Kutrashev discuss the bilateral relations of the Kurdistan Region and Russia


Posted On2022-10-05 By Sotaliraq   The Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, received, on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, the Russian Ambassador to Iraq, Elbrus Kutrashev and his accompanying delegation. The meeting discussed the general situation in Iraq and the region, in addition to discussing bilateral relations between the Kurdistan Region and Russia. The meeting also dealt with the importance of Solve problems between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government under the constitution.   LINK



British Prime Minister: Kurdistan Region Is A Major Partner In The Middle East


Posted On2022-10-05 By Sotaliraq   British Prime Minister Liz Truss expressed her country’s appreciation for the strong relationship with the Kurdistan Region as a major partner in the Middle East.


This came in a letter from her to the President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, in which she thanked his participation in the funeral ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II, and also expressed her happiness about meeting Barzani again in London.


In her message, British Prime Minister Liz Truss affirmed her country’s appreciation of the strong relationship that exists with the Kurdistan Region as a major partner in the Middle East. She also indicated that the United Kingdom and the Kurdistan Region share common values such as freedom of expression and education, and common priorities such as security issues and confronting terrorism, stressing the continuation of such joint tasks.


The British Prime Minister also expressed her hope to work with the Kurdistan Region better during the performance of her new duties as Prime Minister and to expand the friendship and mutual relations between the two sides.   LINK


The National Union Presents The Expected Scenario For The Presidential Election Session


Posted On2022-10-05 By Sotaliraq   Today, Tuesday, Gazi Kakai, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, set the expected scenario for the session to choose the president of the republic.


Kakai said in a statement, “The scenario closest to reality, according to the current data, is the entry of the Democratic and Unionist parties with candidates to the parliament.”


He added, “The parliament presidency must set a date for holding a session to choose the president of the republic, without considering the Kurdish dispute.”


Kakai added, “The union’s first concern is the interest of the Iraqi people, so the differences should not remain to hinder the completion of the constitutional entitlements.”   LINK


Zebari: Plasschaert’s Briefing Neglected Those Obstructing The Course Of The Political Process


Posted On2022-10-05 By Sotaliraq    A member of the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Hoshyar Zebari, confirmed this evening, Tuesday, that the briefing of the UN Representative in Iraq, Jenin Plasschaert, before the Security Council, had “positive” points, but he indicated that she “ignored” the obstacles to the course of the political process in the country.


Mrs. Jeanine Plaschaert’s briefing to the Security Council today had positive points,” Zebari said on Twitter. However, he added, “But the briefing overlooked and neglected the actors obstructing the course of the political and constitutional process after the October 2021 elections, which the UN mission helped to accomplish and supervise.”


He concluded by saying: “I neither see nor hear nor speak!! about the blockage.”


The United Nations Special Representative in Iraq, Jenin Hennis-Plasschaert, confirmed today, Tuesday, in her briefing before the Security Council, that the  disappointment of the Iraqis “has reached the trouble of heaven” , warning of “realistic dangers” that may herald more bloodshed in the country. LINK


Al-Sadr: We Agree To The Dialogue If It Is Public


Posted On2022-10-04 By Sotaliraq    The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, expressed his approval of the political dialogue if it was public, in favor of restraint and not resorting to violence and weapons.


This came in a tweet by Al-Sadr, on Tuesday (October 4, 2022), in which he wrote comments on the UN Security Council session on Iraq.


We agree to dialogue if it is public and in order to remove all participants in the previous political processes and to hold the corrupt accountable under the cover of an impartial judiciary,” he said.


The leader of the Sadrist movement called for “restraint and not to resort to violence and weapons on all sides, and to expedite the punishment of the perpetrators, regardless of their affiliations.”


[size=45]And he indicated that the current Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, “is subjected to tremendous pressure” regarding the uncontrolled weapons within the framework of the state, due to the lack of response to it by “some armed men.”


In his praise of the Security Council’s stance against the bombing of Iraq, Al-Sadr called on neighboring countries to “respect Iraq’s sovereignty and preserve its security and stability through diplomatic means and dialogue.”


The people’s aspirations are to form a government that is far from corruption, dependency, militias, and foreign interference, to be an independent and stable government that serves its people, not the interests of its parties and sects,” according to Al-Sadr.


Muqtada al-Sadr, pointed out that Iraq “is going through its worst period because of corruption and the dominance of his parties on power, and I do not exclude anyone, even if they belong to us.”   LINK



Saleh Muhammad Al-Iraqi Sets Three Pages To Publish Instructions To The Sadrists: Boycott Everything Else


Shafaq News/ The so-called “Sadr Minister” Saleh Muhammad al-Iraqi identified, on Wednesday, three pages, which he said have the right to publish directions and instructions for followers of the movement.


According to a statement by al-Iraqi, the pages are, Muqtada al-Sadr’s Twitter page, the page of al-Sadr’s office, in addition to the leader’s minister and Musleh Muhammad al-Iraqi, where he indicated to be careful in that only.


Al-Iraqi added that “everything other than it either does not represent the movement as an official page, but rather expresses its own and personal orientations, or they are harmful pages and incitement to violence and strife. Sadr’s reputation and degenerate style in its publications and hostile many countries and regions with great regret, we draw your attention, even if the owners of these pages claim to belong to us, they should close those public or even personal pages, under the direct direction of His Eminence.   LINK


Al-Sadr Thanks Plasschaert, Warns The Security Council Against Bahr Al-Ulum, And Agrees To Dialogue On One Condition


Shafaq News/ The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, praised today, Tuesday, the briefing of the international representative, Jeanine Plasschaert, before the UN Security Council, warning the council against listening to the speech of the representative of Iraq, Muhammad Bahr al-Ulum, while he agreed to dialogue with the political blocs, provided that it is public.


Al-Sadr said in a tweet seen by Shafak News Agency, “I listened carefully to the session of the UN Security Council on Iraq. I have some comments on that: First: regarding the briefing of the United Nations representative, and it caught my attention in what she said: is that the main reason for what is happening in Iraq It is the corruption that everyone agrees to exist.


Yes, this is very true and accurate, and the first step for gradual reform is the non-participation of the old faces, parties and people in the next go vernment according to the aspirations of the reference and the aspirations of the rebellious people.”


He added, “We agree to dialogue if it is public and in order to exclude all participants in the previous political and electoral processes and to hold the corrupt accountable under the cover of an impartial judiciary. We also look forward to the assistance of the United Nations in this regard: I mean reform, albeit gradually.”


He continued, “I also support the restraint stated in the words of the participants in the UN Security Council session, so I call for restraint and not to resort to violence and weapons from all parties, and to speedily punish the perpetrators without regard to their affiliations.


In addition to what was raised about the problem of uncontrolled weapons outside The framework of the state, but the most important thing is that the uncontrolled weapon is not within the framework of the state and its use against opponents and revolutionaries and in the consolidation of influence and the rooting of the deep state, especially since the current prime minister is subjected to enormous pressures in this regard even though he is the commander of the armed forces and the lack of response by some militants to him, even if they are within scope of the state.


He said, “We also commend the Security Council’s support for Iraq regarding the bombing it is subjected to from here and there.. Hence, we call on the dear neighboring countries to respect Iraq’s sovereignty and maintain its security and stability through diplomatic means or through dialogue. But I stand against the insistence of some members of the Security Council.” To form the government in Iraq.. Many governments have been formed, but they have harmed the homeland and the people.


The aspirations of the people are to form a government that is far from corruption, dependency, militias, and foreign interference in order to be an independent and stable government that serves its people, not the interests of its parties and sects. O members, Iraq is going through its worst period because of corruption and the dominance of its parties in power. Rather, they may support them.


He explained, “I advise the Security Council not to listen to the statement made by the permanent representative of Iraq in this session, whose speech was wrong in most of what it contained with great regret,” calling on the United Nations representative to continue her neutral positions and not to take sides.    LINK

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