In Jeff

I don’t believe the rate will change as of this weekend…Iraq is the only country in the world to have shut down their stock exchange.  That’s huge…IMO the rate did change…but it’s only changed on the accounting books. It’s not in the public realm. That is why Iraq had to shut down all their markets and also why they had to sneak in the last two currency auctions…they had to close out all the old accounting books for the fiscal year of 2019 before the rate could change.  IMO the rate did change privately on the back end over the weekend of 3-21 and 3-22.

I am not expecting anything this weekend…my next personal timer frame is next weekend…as long as they don’t have any currency auctions, as long as the ISX stays closed. Why haven’t we see it yet? This is very simple. It’s the coronavirus…they do not want us in the middle of the virus when it’s hitting really high highs. They don’t want us storming into the banks…that puts the bankers at tremendous risk…IMO those are the reasons why they are simply not allowing the rate to be publicly changed now.