In Dinar Guru Updates, Jeff 

For the entire month of May there is only one day that qualifies for the rate change to even be able to happen…large rate changes can only occur over a period time when all financial markets are closed around the world…that’s why Kuwait did there’s on early Sunday morning March 24th of ’91…Sunday is Iraq’s and Kuwait’s first business day of their weeks…Iraq will also have to have an in-country holiday to justify shutting and closing down their in country financial markets such as their ISX and their currency auctions.  For the month of May Iraq only has one weekend holiday period.  That happens to be Sunday May 24th.  If Iraq is going to change the rate in the month of May the only day they could do it on…would be Sunday May 24th…they said they’ll have the government done by May 23rd…everything is looking good.  Moving in the right direction.