Judy Byington

Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 22 2017

Compiled 1:05 am EST 22 March 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” www.22faces.com

A. March 21 2017 9:22 pm EST Real Truth Call with Yosef: Real Truth Call w/ Yosef, Tank, Bewdah Tonight at 9:30 PM EDT 3-21-17 Real Truth Call Host: Dr. WC Guests: Yosef/Tank/Bewdah Topic: Classes for Real Truth University 712-770-4175 143153# code 899988# back up code

1. Early this am March 21 2017, the RV codes were sent out again to banks, paymasters, etc, but it wasn’t known if they would be recalled (as they were yesterday).

2. The Elders know that presently there was no global monetary liquidity and that countries were hurting without the RV, but were concerned about security.

3. Geopolitics, world peace, ISIS and the Cabal have been factors in the RV hold up.

4. The Elders don’t trust the US, but were dependent on the US economy to feed the global economy. The US participating in the RV/GCR was basic for that to happen.

5. The 800 numbers would come out about 15 min. before the actual Event.

6. No one knew when the RV would be released.

7. HSBC was owned by the Chinese Elders and would be the only bank redeeming Zim. They had their own wealth managers, trusts, lawyers, etc. to handle your redemption funds and wanted the money to stay at their bank.

8. The Zim bank screen rate was over $2.30 USD per 1 Zim.

9. We heard that the farm claims (NESARA law suits) and other accounts have already been paid out of GCR Trust fund accounts.

11. For a long time private exchanges have been taking place with wealthy bank customers.

12. The IRS tax has already been handled. You don’t need to be concerned about it. There would be a global flat tax (perhaps 14%) on interest you earned.

13. We heard that tomorrow March 22 2017, Iraqi PM Abadi would be on Iraqi TV to announce something about a valuation of the Iraqi Dinar.

14. Mortgages, school loans and any type of institutional debt would be forgiven, but it would take several years to complete and would be done by normal business/banking procedures.

15. US Inc. or US Corporation no longer exists.

16. In 2013 US Inc. defaulted and went bankrupt. In April of that same year the new gold-asset backed currency went into effect.

17. The actual new US currency won’t come out until the restored Republic was in effect

18. With the GCR there would no longer be a US deficit because it was created by the Cabal and the Cabal was bankrupt.


B. Bruce’s The Big Call:Thebigcall.net

On last Thurs.’s call Bruce stated that he had been asked not to give any intel because “we are just too close to the Global Currency Reset.” Tonight he said:

1. A lot of action was going on behind the scenes but there has been very little actual intel in the last four or five days.

2. Iraqi PM Abadi came into the US Sat. evening, met with Trump and other dignitaries, and then went to the UN. He brought papers from IMF which released Iraq from past obligations with our government.

3. Abadi met with the Federal Reserve and our Treasury. The meeting was necessary because long ago we put sanctions on Iraq as a country and so did the UN. They have been released essentially from all the sanctions from the UN, but we still had some that we needed to release. My understanding is that occurred last night in New York.

4. The Iraqi Dinar needed to be reinstated internationally which it has been in-country. They have been paying on their smart Qi cards for months. In Iraq there were two banks in Mosul that came back on line the lasts few days.

5. Iraq needed to publish a new version of their budget. My understanding was their plan was to publish that in the Gazette tomorrow morning.

6. They would publish the Gazette around 2:05 am Bagdad time. It was supposed to be published and ready for the first morning prayer at approximately 5:35 am tomorrow. We were on a 7 hour difference between Bagdad and the East coast.

7. We could have something happen after the call or later tonight as a result of this. I think it was possible. I have heard some really good things of the timing tonight or early tomorrow morning. I also heard we should wake up tomorrow to a new sort of a new dawn, something that maybe a new day essentially to us.

8. The Dinar will come back well over $3 or $4 which would be the true value of what their currency was.

9. Out West my understanding was that Paymasters for some of the groups have their funds in their accounts, and some have been able to start paying out. We have some humanitarian groups that were supposed to get their money last night, or today.

10. The ZIM was steady for 4 to 5 days in a row at $2.10. That was a non NDA rate.

11. There were things that were definitely happening behind the scenes – people who had appointments in the last day or so. I haven’t heard about wide spread exchanges.

12. I have heard of some platform trades getting ready to close in matter of hours.


C. March 21 2017 12:25 pm EST Iraqi PM Abadi:“Good News!” by One Who’s Grateful – 3.21.17 Yesterday Mon. March 20 while in Washington D.C. for meetings with President Trump, Iraqi PM Dr Abadi said two important things:

1. He knew when the RV would be and it would be soon.

2. He had concerns regarding security during the RV of the Dinar. He hoped that Iraqi security forces would be available when needed. (Perhaps that’s why yesterday Iraqi troops were told to “hold back” as shown in the below TNT post?)


D. March 21 2017 TNT  Tweet:  Yesterday Iraqi TV reported that Iraqi Army leaders were expressing concern about efforts to “hold back” from completing the liberation of Western Mosul.


E. March 21 2017 11:00 am EST: “This is the Day” by (Anonymous) – 3.21.17

According to this post from Jan 19, 2017, it would all come down today Tues. March 21 2017: “Dow Hits 20,000 Tomorrow” – Message from Footward 1-19-17


F. March 21 2017 9:19 pm EST Sheldon Nidle: Excerpts from Sheldan Nidle’s Update for March 21, 2017

1. To some extent the Cabal could still control what went on and consequently, the Elders were cautiously monitoring the pace of change.

2. Our liaisons reported that the process to commence a massive arrest was nearly complete.

3. The new government (the NESARA Republic) was soon to be revealed.

4. The rollout would cautiously proceed.


Special Report: Restored Republic via a GCR 22 March 2017

Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” www.22faces.com

This week was said to be very busy. With the Global Currency Reset all world currencies would be reported with their true values that could not be artificially manipulated. The funds would first hit receiving accounts around the world, which would complete the final requirement of the RV/GCR. Every country would have exchanges, plus high privately negotiated rates available for a short time. Some countries might have exchange centers, but most likely exchanges would take place at designated bank locations. Zim exchanges were scheduled to take place at HSBC locations housed on military bases.

A. On Sun. March 19:

1. By Sun. March 19 Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was returning to the US from China with an Elder, RV schedule, non performance warning and final performance instructions for the US RV.


B. On Monday March 20:

1. Iraqi TV reported that they were awaiting release of a new budget said to supercede all previous Iraqi budgets (no indication of a time frame yet).

2. The entire global financial system, and its primary value collateral and fiscal compliance rules, were said to be changed prior to 9am EST Mon. March 20.

3. As of Mon. March 20 and through to business close, bank front screen rates were exceeding $2.30 on the 1 Zim to USN exchange.

4. As of noon Mon. March 20 existing bank clients were being called for in-bank redemptions, and being made liquid at screen rates and below.

5. On Mon. March 20 (5:00 pm EST) Iraqi PM Abadi met with with President Trump and other dignitaries, and then went to the UN. He had brought papers from IMF which released Iraq from past obligations with the UN and US.

6. Abadi also met with the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury.

7. Long ago the US put sanctions on Iraq, as did the UN. The UN had already released their sanctions and Mon. March 20 in New York, the US was said to have finally released their sanctions.


C. On Tues. March 21:

1. Early March 21, the RV codes were sent out again to banks, paymasters, etc, but it wasen’t known if they would be recalled again as had happened before.

2. On March 21 Sheldon Nidle said liaisons had reported that the process to commence a massive arrest was nearly complete, the NESARA Republic was soon to be revealed and the rollout would cautiously proceed.


D. On Wed. March 22:

1. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi would be in a Wed. March 22 Summit meeting where Abadi could possibly announce the full liberation, or elimination of ISIS.

2. March 22, Iraqi PM Abadi would be on Iraqi TV to announce something about a valuation of the Iraqi Dinar.

3. Evidently the plan was to publish a new version of the Iraqi budget in the Gazette on Wed. morning March 22 around 2:05 am Baghdad time in readiness for the first morning prayer at approximately 5:35 am. (There was a 7 hour difference between Bagdad and the East coast).


E. On Wed. March 29:

1. Brexit’s article 50 loomed March 29, 2017. France was next. Germany would be last next Fall when Merkel was disposed.


F. On Fri. March 31:

1. If GCR/RV did not happen by March 31 2017, which was the end of the monetary quarter, there would be problems with retroactive payments going back to Jan. 1.


G. On Sat. April 1:

The New Powers That Be’s mission was to complete conversion of the old financial system assets to the new financial system before the start of second quarter 2017, or by April 1, 2017.