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Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 19 2017

Compiled 12:05 am EDT 19 May 2017 by Judy Byington

A. May 18 2017 The Big Call Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Tier 4, the Internet Group, is right there to obtain the 800 number and will be put on Dinar websites.

2. Today May 18 in Iraq they announced that the liberation of Mosul has taken place.

3. In six providences in Iraq they have set up digital equipment in the streets for announcements.

4. That is expected to occur any time midnight tonight to morning EDT on May 19.

5. Two days ago Trump signed an Executive Order for repatriation of the Iraqi Dinar that had been stolen. That Dinar is being returned and the people who stole it are restrained and will be tried in Iraq.

6. This included repatriation of US dollars.

7. Plenty of Tier 3 people have been paid out. Other aspects of Tier 3 should be done by tonight or tomorrow morning May 19.

8. This afternoon Bruce heard that Tier 4 should start any time late tonight May 18 through lunch time Sunday May 21.

9. Wells Fargo was selling Dong yesterday May 17 that could be paid for next Monday. It was no longer available today, nor was the sale of Zim.

10. Some people in church groups (Tier 3) have had access to funds, others won’t have access for a couple of days.

11. Rates were continuing to be strong. Zim was slightly higher.


B. May 18 2017 11:11 am EDT Geopolitical Overview: “Precedent” – Geopolitical Overview – Thursday – May 18, 2017


C. May 18 2017 5:05 am EDT Real Truth Call Yosef, Fisher, Tank: “RTC Intel w/ Yosef, Fisher and Tank” by BB136 – 5.18.17

1. We’re in a Tues. May 16 to Thurs. May 18 window.

2. They’ve told all of the people getting the 800 numbers to be on their phones 24 hours a day with it charged up.

3. That comes from the actual table in Beijing.

4. We’ve been on high alert since midnight on Mon. night May 15.

5. The Admiral’s team is in the bank right now releasing everything.

6. Exchange centers are reporting in early for their shifts around 8 am EDT May 18.

7. HSBCs in England have been conducting exchanges all day with all funds released to fund the ZIM exchanges.

8. Numbers, instructions, and other notifications should come out sometime this evening May 17 – expected between 8 to 9 pm EDT.

9. A flash bang/public distraction and obvious fever pitch has now built up around President Trump, and impeachment is all but inevitable.

10. Paymasters from the core account are reporting that they are liquid and everything is done.

11. We have spoken directly with paymasters who are now liquid and/or have their transaction code and are waiting their turn.

12. We are not watching, but we have been speaking to people who are actually there.

13. I was told that it is no longer speculation, that the RV is a reality.

14. In London, England they are counting the quadrillionaires and trillionaires.

15. If that’s the case, what you can count on, is that we have to be notified. We have to start before their market’s open that means banks open and everything is live.

16. A lot of those people there are not going to be made millionaires and trillionaires if we haven’t even been included and notified.

17. So that’s 3:00 a.m EDT May 18.

18. I would expect that we are literally at any moment.


D. May 18 2017 12:09 am EDT ZAP Report:ZAP’s Mid-Week Report — May 17, 2017

From: “The Office of Poofness” [email protected]

1. We are in a blackout mode again.

2. We are told to stay silent in respect to intelligence.

3. All intelligence points to this being the significant time.

4. With the influx of funds expected this week and next we are gearing up to get the scientists and others assembled for immediate deployment of technologies required to remediate the Fukushima pollution.

5. The Hanford Reactor is leaking 45 gallon drums of radioactive waste dumped off the coast of Somalia.

6. All these leaks combine to form one big disaster at an extinction level event.

7. Send your views on radioactive waste to: [email protected] – this is a dedicated email for this purpose only.

8. The next item is the homeless and disenfranchised kids and families on the street.

9. Seniors will be done at the same time.

10. We have received thousands of projects and they will be segregated into priority of children, seniors and water – then everything else.

11. We will stay away from the Casino and oil projects as they harm our view.

12. Keep those resumes coming.

13. Please be patient with us as we are thousands of emails behind to be responded to.


E. May 18 2018 8:17 pm EDT Exchanges in the UK:“Friend Confirmed Exchanges in the UK” by Lesley – 5.18.17 Lesley

1. Earlier today May 18 a very good friend of mine who lives in the UK, called the HSBC Bank there.

2. Both the banker and the bank advisor confirmed that they were doing currency exchanges for the Zim.