In MilitiaMan

Article: “Foreign Minister: The Kuwaiti Foreign Minister will visit Baghdad tomorrow” It sure looks like they are signalling inclusiveness and with an urgency!  The Kurdistan high ranking Delegation is coming  to town and may be arriving in conjunction with the Kuwait Foreign Minister. Lets think about that a moment. Pompeo is the USAs counter part to the Kuwait’s Foreign Minister, if I am not mistaken. The USA having had SFA meetings that were well received by all, may not be over just yet. There may be another one or so in the coming days too. I sense signings may be at hand to some very important items!

The IMF has had recent meetings with the” Crisis” Emergency Cell on currency reforms and the modalities or treatment if you will, to cure the current crisis.  There will be follow up meetings too. Kinda like a doctor to a patient. Take this alternative we have before us (raise the rate, secondary markets, SDR, Bonds, border fees, taxes and tariffs, reduction in refinery costs, etc.) and let it all take a few days/weeks to start working in conjunction and we will set another appointment for to review your progress, as in WORLD BANK management agreement… lol…imo.