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Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 22 2017

Compiled 12:27 am EDT 22 May 2017 by Judy Byington

A. May 21 2017 One Who Knows:

1. I have confirmed from my top sources that the UK is exchanging. Tank has reported that he knows about it from first hand sources as well. It was also confirmed by Grandfather that the Zim was exchanged in Australia at a low contract rate on the $100T, and at more than face value on the rest of the denominations. The people who were in that group with $100T notes got screwed by their contract.

2. The plan has always been to start exchanging in the Far East, then the Middle East/Europe, and finally here in the West. It is not all happening on the very same day.

3. Europe started exchanging on Wed. May 17.

4. The Far East must have started possibly Sun. May 21.

5. We are highly expectant to start Sun. May 21, or at least by Monday before markets open at 9am EDT May 22.

6. I wouldn’t be surprised that by when the US gets started exchanging, it goes public, the official rates changes at the IMF, and we get 800# by email and on web sites.

7. We may have a few hours or even a day of Segments in the US, but I think the GCR is going to be done and listed on the IMF website very quickly once we start.

8. There will be toll free numbers to call to set up appointments. If you have Zim you will get a special number to call.

9. You might be contacted before the rates change publicly (end of GCR – posting on IMF website), or you will get the numbers on websites and by email when it goes live.


B. May 21 2017 Poof:

1. The bottleneck has been found, the plug in the system that has kept it from happening is real, is huge.

2. There are those sweating blood over how to even survive the investigation. They have been out of ethics for a very long time and can’t produce what is needed.

3. Just sit tight and allow the officials to figure out how to unthread the bound up systems that carry all the wires. There are many. Let the weight of the pressures that they feel do its work, and just sit tight; I know that’s what you have been doing but do it now for a short while. Get the logical and sequential efforts in line and hang with what is.

C. May 21 2017 Susan:

1. The never ending story continues its twists and turns. It has been proven the political climate of this country is behind these stops and starts of all the different expected returns.

2. This includes the Prosperity Programs’ deliveries and the currency exchanges.

3. There are citizens of countries which have begun to exchange and some of these receivers have begun to share with relatives in this country.

4. My extremely connected information channels are again” Very Optimistic” that this coming week could be a memorable one.

D. May 21 2017 ZAP:

1. The blackout continues on most levels.

2. The Big Bad Bank got their just deserts. The nice regulartors had their way with those pieces of bottom slime.

3. The account that will distribute is about to be unfrozen.

4. We are on schedule for the first bits to come in to get our infrastructure in place. We will have something to work with by mid week.


E. May 21 2017 8:03 pm EDT Geopolitical Overview: “Swim” – Geopolitical Overview – Sunday – May 21, 2017

1. Intel on the Panama meeting early Sat. morning May 20:

a. Global computer codes were unlocked on Sat. evening May 20 which began the RV.

b. Money worldwide begins flowing freely and infinitely tonight @ 9:00pm EDT May 21 on the new Asian based system.

c. The 800#s can come anytime and were slated for this weekend we are told.

d. Militaries worldwide were deployed. Air. Land. Sea. Cyber. Space.

e. All sovereign families were given a 24 hour last extension to submit historic and currency assets for processing, as the door was officially shut on the old financial system at midnight this Sun. morning May 21.

f. And just like that … everything changed forever. The Global Christ Reset (GCR). No one noticed but a handful of shocked leaders in the conference room.

2. This is also why Trump is in the Middle East on the 33rd parallel.

3. Now the RV was not only a reality for release, but had already globally occurred with and T1 through T5 up to the plate with spendable liquidity.


F. May 21 2017 11:11 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report:

“Love Love Love” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – May 21, 2017

1. Intel flow was eerily slow on Sat. night May 20 into Sun. morning May 21 after being wildly active all week. That’s progress believe it or not. Less intel in my world actually means more is happening.

2. Remain vigilant today, Sunday May 21, as we’re still in the weekend window until markets open Monday morning May 22.

3. GESARA requires 120 days to implement and today is the 121st day of the Trump Presidency.

4. The false flag car accident this week in Times Square was predicting the Trump Administration would crash on day 122 of his presidency, as did Cabal agent Alex Jones.

5. Mercury Retrograde comes out of it’s post shadow tonight May 21 at 8:58pm EDT right before all Chinese markets open at 9am CDT.

6. Monday May 22 in China begins at noon May 21 in the United States.

7. The sovereign asset submission period was extended one more day until midnight Sat. May 20, as a courtesy to a few slow adapting sovereign families in Latin and South America who own more IQD than you can imagine and authenticators are rushing to verify and count it all.

8. Converting as much IQD to the new digital financial system benefits the Nation of Iraq’s economy because it’s put onto the CBI ledger as digitally being sold. Once physical IQD is verified and counted, it’s credited digitally and burned instantly on the spot.

9. Iraqi Special Forces announced on Sat. May 20 that Mosul was completely liberated. This is happening right before Ramadan is scheduled to begin on Friday, May 26, 2017 when they basically shut the country down for a month.

10. OG means Original Grandmother (aka Quan Yin). God is with us.


G. May 21 2017 TNT Report : Weekend Update from TNT 5-21-17

1. The CBI has discontinued the release of un-circulated dinar outside of the country, more particularly the 3 zero notes.

2. The official announcement of liberation of Mosul (with pomp and circumstance) was expected by PM Abadi on Sun. May 21 at the summit in Saudi Arabia.