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Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 23 2017

Compiled 12:46 am EDT 23 May 2017 by Judy Byington

A. May 22 2017 11:11 pm EDT Geopolitical Overview: “Scorpion King” – Geopolitical Overview – Monday – May 22, 2017


B. May 22 2017 10:16 pm EDT Bluwolf Intel: “Waiting to Receive the Number” – Bluwolf Intel Update 5-22-17

1. We are just waiting to receive the number as we speak.

2. There are no ww3. There will not be any impeachment. There are no delays tactics.

3. Both the GCR and RV’s are imminent.

4. This is what is actual. Anything else is just a fantasy. Na’maste Bluwolf


C. May 22 2017 5:48 pm EDT One Who Knows: “Spotting A Cabal (Matrix) Agent” – One Who Knows – 5.22.17

1. I received word that the secret word-of-mouth GCR segments roll-out plan is now ongoing everywhere in the world.

2. I will be last to go, just before the GCR ends publicly with official rates changed on the IMF website.

3. If I went earlier, it may keep me from posting and being last could mean just a couple of days anyway!


D. May 22 2017 GCR Observation: “Benevolence” – GCR/RV Observation – Monday – May 22, 2017

1. Exchanges have been occurring all over the world today, though not yet in full here in the US.

2. The reasons may or may not be forthcoming tonight–depends on what happens in Israel tonight for BiBi who has backed out of Middle East Peace yet again.

Trump Visits Israel Citing Palestinian Deal to be Crucial


E. May 22 2017 10:12 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Legos” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – May 22, 2017

1. Reports through last night and this morning May 22 are that the global block chain is building for an opening bell release.

2. The last opening bell rings in the USA at 9:00am EDT May 22. Anytime thereafter we will be allowed to enter the system with our currency.

3. Countries are releasing in segmented fashion in the natural order of their market and bank openings–depending on time zone. This is done so there is no high frequency trading advantage just like on a normal day. Meaning, traders can only trade what is eligible to trade based on hours of operation wherever a market is domiciled.

4. The RV actually began Sunday May 21 at 2am EDT in terms of buying the advanced market properties–but nobody really knows how their going to swing the market post RV so it’s a crap shoot bet either way. So as markets open worldwide… securities, commodities and currencies are then buyable and tradable.

5. The American markets are last, Dubai was first per a normal trading week.

6. The 800#s we’ve all been seeking will be seen on the same digital web format with maybe a few additional numbers added to handle the initial volume, then removed within the first 72 hours.

7. They will alert Dinarland when it’s time. If you’re paying attention or know someone who is, you won’t miss it. If you’re not, you won’t notice the RV. Some will get a heads up they’re performing a little early and be told where to look. But that’s about it. No special privileges.

9. No drama, nothing overtly new, different or special. Just few new numbers added on participating banking websites. Very subtle. Very simple. Beyond dynamic.

10. All RV bells and whistles will be handled in the back of the bank, and you’ll be routed to specific exchange centers/locations based on your location, currencies held and profile (chalk marks).

11. They will space out appointments out so some will not get immediate or even same day appointments based on the currencies they hold.

12. ZIM holders will be given priority in terms of appointment setting for reasons of exchange volume to the banks, and safety to the customers.

13. You’ll see new rates once you are inside–and only if you ask.

14. The general public will only know once they have been told.

15. The goal for the redemption staff is to settle your exchange based on your personal needs and steer clients away from obsessing over rate wherever possible.

16. As for the necessity and/or length of a structured payout program, that’s entirely up to you.

17. Basic NDAs will accompany every structured program because it’s a private contract–no different than in any other industry where they don’t want trade secrets revealed.

18. Banks will certainly offer everyone the structured program option, and honestly, most to all should accept because managing this scale of wealth is a 24/7/365/multi-continent job – that few if any in the world are intellectually qualified to handle.


F. May 22 2017 11:11 am EDT Geopolitical Overview: “Sassy” – Geopolitical Overview – Monday – May 22, 2017


G. May 22 2017 11:09 am EDT Fulford Report: “The Old Guard Refuses” – Fulford Excerpt – 5.22.17 Posted by benjamin http://benjaminfulford.net/

1. The old guard that hijacked the world’s financial system is stubbornly refusing to cede control over the process of creating dollars, euros and yen to the people of the planet earth. This was evident when Rothschild lawyer and Mossad agent Michael Greenberg visited the Japanese Emperor last week to demand unlimited funds for him and his fellow Khazarian gangsters, according to sources close to the Emperor. Greenberg also claimed to be representing Henry Kissinger who is now back, together with Greenberg, on the high priority target list of known genocidal criminals.

2. The Emperor was furious at Greenberg and blamed him and his slaves, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Finance Minister Taro Aso, for blocking the release of funds meant for the people of the planet, the sources added.

3. This means that in order to start a new age and liberate the planet, a two pronged attack will be needed. One will be to continue to eliminate old guard genocidal leaders one by one until the Khazarian mob finally surrenders. The other will be to continue to build an alternative financial system, based on gold, crypto-currencies and non-Khazarian currencies until the old system withers at the vine and drops into the compost heap of history. This two pronged attack is already fully under way.

4. The big question mark now, though, is what to make of Pope Francis. Forensic research has shown that most of the so-called world leaders we see on our TV screens and in public are controlled by the P2 Freemason lodge via the Vatican bank and a network of professional assassins. In other words most world leaders, when offered a choice between silver (a bribe) and lead (a bullet), have taken the Vatican bank silver.

5. Pope Francis has failed to change the system at a fundamental level by doing such things as declaring a real jubilee (cancellation of all debt etc.)


H. May 21 2017 WSOMN AdminBill: Keep watching the news and look for an exciting week. Suffice it to say that I believe this will be a great month.


I. May 22 2017 TNT Call :

1. Since last Friday in Iraq we received everything leading up to the public release of the RV.

2. Something good is about to happen, and part of that should be today and every day the rest of this week, just based on the information.

3. On Sun. May 21 a Twitter from Iraqi PM Abadi indicated that Misoul had been liberated. We know it was 97% liberated.

4. There were indications that the Iraqi lower denoms came out yesterday May 21.

5. The lower denoms were expected to be dispersed throughout the week with a wrap up by Sat. May 27.


J. May 21 2017 TNT:

1. Preparations were underway for a celebration on Sat. May 20.

2. On Sat. morning May 20, it was reported that 5 districts were left to be liberated. Four districts remain with less than 50% ISIS occupation.

3. Liberation of Mosul was deemed complete. PM Abadi sent out a twitter message referencing the liberation of western Mosul in the past tense. The official announcement of liberation (with pomp and circumstance) was expected by PM Abadi on Sun. May 21 at the summit in Saudi Arabia.

4. Iraqi Counter Terrorism have officially announced that ALL their goals have been accomplished and duties are done in the West.

5. The CBI has discontinued the release of un-circulated dinar outside of the country, more particularly the 3 zero notes.

6. Lower denoms and fils were expected to “flow” Sun. May 21.