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Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 29 2017

Compiled 2:20 am EDT 29 May 2017 by Judy Byington

A. May 29 2017 12:48 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Genius” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – May 28, 2017

1. The banking system just changed on Friday May 26. The NPTB changed who was running the banking and what technology they were using. It’s as if the NPTB planned on abandoning all original strategies all along and brought in their own systems, their own people, at their own exchange locations less any trace of Wells Fargo consultation – right before we all walked through the front freaking door.

2. Meaning, we are literally operating on an original, unencumbered system of finance with brand new digital credits. And the concept of converting old system accounts and funds was just a lost leader to confuse die hard cabal moles.

3. No wonder the UST is on military lockdown.

4. I wonder if the politics are being switched out in the same way as the banking,

5. Screen rates are embarrassingly high. NDA’s are optional. Structured programs are available should anyone desire one.

6. We’re all going to be in and out in under 30 minutes (on average) in a drive thru style RV.

7. Memorial Day May 29: military personnel in uniforms, planes and vehicles everywhere which raises zero suspicions.

8. And the media – between Trump and Memorial Day festivities, there is no other news to report on a Memorial Day weekend is there?

9. It’s also a bank holiday, lowest internet and auto traffic night/day of the year, start of summer, mildest annual climate and best of all there are no Dinarland conference calls planned.

10. Hey what if Friday May 26 they raided the UST.

11. Saturday May 27 they installed a new digital delivery system.

12. Sunday May 28 they performed all final testing.

13. Monday morning May 29 they released the full blown Age of Aquarius.

14. Say in Phase 1 they would have everyone considered the internet group, processed, in and out of redemption centers before banks and markets could even reopen Tuesday morning May 30.

15. Plus, whomever was paying close attention would also get a once in a lifetime shot at sovereign rates; and whomever wasn’t just redeems per with screen rates in phase 2.

16. After that, currency holders could trickle in as they awakened over the weeks and months that followed to finish up in what we would classify as phase 3.


May 29 2017 12:54 am EDT GCR Overview: “GCR Overview” – Sun. PM TNT Thoughts TomeGun: A GCR overview is explained within the first 15 minutes of this video clip:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7QMMqyEl_I


C. May 28 2017 Tweet:  The Central Bank of Iraq governor was on TV saying the Protection Deposit Law will be implemented soon and that it will take 72 hours to reach the center of Old Mosul. The final battle for Old City should be on Wed. May 31.


D. May 28 2017 1:05 pm EDT GCR Overview: “Open” – GCR/RV/Geopolitical Overview – Sunday – May 28, 2017

1. It’s Sunday May 28, the RV didn’t pop last night and the start time and day is still an open question.

Some of the events that have happened over this weekend were incredibly intense as they came in, and a few even beyond mind boggling. Especially in Panama, Beijing and Tel Aviv. There were several attempted attacks in a variety of countries that were reduced to rubble, quickly. Which was expected btw.

The old guard is still holding on to an illusion of geopolitical relevance which simply is not there. When shut down in negotiations, they resort to physical violence. Threatening a world you no longer control is illogical if not utterly suicidal, and that’s what we’re waiting on – the new reality to set in with the old defiant power structure.

Just because you don’t know or see all the juicy details, doesn’t mean the RV is not happening – rapidly with certainty.


E. May 28 2017 2:54 pm EDT GCR Op-Ed: “Healed” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Sunday – May 28, 2017

1. This transition of eras demands a transition of power, which means a replacement of people and governments who once ran your world affairs.

2. Geopolitical pressures are being applied so that those once in power will leave and never return. They’re obviously not happy about it and doing their best to fight inevitable change.

3. This equates to some military force, harsh and decisive for those who refuse to leave.

Know that much has happened already.

4. There’s also as you know a financial transition aspect that has been occurring for years and is now just waiting to be introduced to the mass of population. Know this too has long occurred already and been tested/proven to be impossible to breech.

5. What’s occurring now is the replacement of past political and diplomatic figures who only have their established public personas to use as leverage in negotiating their exits.

6. Sadly, these figures have pushed the NPTB passed their comfort level of being patient and merciful, and must now be dealt with–severely–as in arrest, Global media exposure and physical elimination where the need arises.

7. The NPTB have ripped the political bandaid off so the RV can start, but it happend so slowly it was difficult to recognize as they were hyper considerate of how the mass population would react.

8. Never did they desire to create additional fear or chaos for those unawakened souls as massive earth changes were occurring beneath their feet.

9. Always the NPTB intended to carefully, methodically and benevolently make constant but slight and subtle changes against the old power structure as to protect humanity’s conscious minds–sensitive to what has been (or thought to have been), what is (or thought to be what is) and what will be (or thought to be).

10. Whatever occurred in your RV past experience was all for the greater good, despite the current relentless chaos and suffering thrown at us hourly.

11. Maybe tonight May 28.