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Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 10 2017

Compiled 1:20 am EDT 10 June 2017 by Judy Byington

A. June 9 2017 3:43 pm EDT Yosef’s last thoughts: “Surfing” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Friday – June 9, 2017

1. Be advised to keep your eyes and ears open all weekend long, specifically starting the night of June 9, after the sun sets in Los Angeles (8:04pm PDT).

2. Yosef’s last and best redemption appointment thoughts:

a. Think transition versus transaction.

b. Demonstrate appreciation over domination.

c. Be a servant of surrender, not control.

Offered with love from the Heart of Yeshua, God is with us.

3. Yosef said the 800 numbers would be available today after Sunset on the West Coast (Fri. June 9 around 9pm EDT, 8 pm MDT.)

4. Bruce said Iraqi Dinar rates will go live Sat. June 10 @ 12:30 pm EDT, 10:30 am MST. “1,750,000 cell phones have been given to Iraqi citizens with the aps already installed to do international banking. The cell phones were scheduled to go live at 7:30 pm Iraqi time Sat. evening June 10 (US 12:30 pm EDT Sat. afternoon June 10).”

5. On the June 9 TNT Call RayRen98 said:

a. Let’s see what happens when the market closes tonight June 9.

b. June 10th is the anniversary of ISIL coming in (and going out). Some believe announcements will commence on the 10th for the full release.

c. We have celebrations for the troops scheduled on June 12/13.

d. Iraq had moved their Celebration from Mon. June 12 to Tues. June 13.

e. Another source said the Iraqi full RV release was set for Tues. June 13.

f. Someone said that the UN rates are posted on the 15th.

g. Then there are no expected dates until the 30th.

h. The Vietnamese Dong may revalue prior to the Iraqi Dinar.

i. This ride is coming to an end, we just don’t know the exact date.

6. You will have 72 hours after the 800 numbers come out to call and make your exchange appointment. Although it is recommended you take the appointment time offered, you can arrange for a more convenient time if you have special circumstances such as sickness, or travel needs.

7. After the 72 hours, the 800 numbers will be taken down and you will only be able to exchange your currencies (except for the Zim) at a bank using the lower international rates.

8. The Zim is a bond, must be exchanged at a HSBC exchange center and will be retired after it is exchanged. It is not known if you can exchange the Zim if you do not have an appoinment to do so within the 72 hour limit.


B. June 9 2017 1:52 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “In Plain Sight” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Friday – June 9, 2017

1. Last week the UN erased all of Zimbabwe’s sovereign debt.

2. This last Sunday night June 4 Zimbabwe erased all their national bank debt.

3. Last week all of Zimbabwe’s international sanctions were removed at the UN – which included WB/IMF/ADB debt claims.

4. In return Mugabe signed off on the African Union’s group of nations natural assets for global trade platform collateral. Of which each country gets a healthy portion of each trade for the rebuilding of the entire African continent.

5. Immediately the ZIM currency was reconciled and internationally recognized.

6. Expect to see initial screen rates for ZIM at or above $8.00 USD.

7. This $8 Zim rate will soar post global announcement of the GCR – meaning well into triple digits on the bank screen.

8. As a result, the US/ZIM gov’ts magically have re-engaged full diplomatic contact as of this Monday June 5.

9. A US diplomat even traveled to Zimbabwe to meet new acting president Emerson Mnangawa.

10. Look around 1 am EDT June 9 for results to post on the U.K. Elections. Prime Minister Theresa May was expected to win by a 16-18% margin, which is a landslide. That’s the last GESARA election needed to complete compliance for all UNSC votes (Russia, China, US, UK, France). GB waited until the last second in case the Cabal made a comeback.

11. The Military is changing redemption strategy: All ZIM holders will registered as sovereign diplomats. Other currency holders will be just transactional, nothing diplomatic per se.

12. Diplomatic sovereigns do receive greater inspection scrutiny with greater access to sovereign investment mechanisms. Child support, back taxes, court settlements, and wage garnishment will all be taken out of your exchange at your redemption appointment. If there’s an active warrant for your arrest you will be taken into custody and processed.


C. June 9 2017 2:14 am EDT Real Truth Call, Yosef: “Real Truth Call w/ Yosef for Thursday June 8th” by BB136 – 6.9.17

1. Yosef came onto the RTC at about the 32 minute mark and explained each paragraph of the above “In Plain Sight” Situation Report:

a. Yosef was told to lay low for a bit, which he did

b. Yosef was told that now he can say whatever he wants since the RV has started!!!

c. The “segment” redemptions have started (like OWK has been saying).

d. Yosef generally gets his intel by trading financial/banking intel/info with Republic folks, who generally point him in the right “geopolitical” intel direction, but since the RV is going now, basically they gave him the Intel directly (that is the Intel in the “In Plain Sight” SitRep).


D. June 9 2017 “Zim in-country Rate” One Who Knows: “Zim In-Country Rate” – One Who Knows – 4.7.17

1. Zimbabwe has re-introduced the Zim bond note in country in the lower denominations at a rate of $1 Zim Bond to $1 USD.

2. The old Zim Bonds in the Trillions have become the most valuable piece of paper on the planet. One $100T note can buy any corporation on the Planet 1000 times over.

3. The Strategy was to print the “Legal” Bond notes against the entire value of the African Continent. Then declare them worthless, protecting them from being horded, or leveraged by the Cabal. Then at the right time collect up (Redeem) the Bonds in country at a very low rate.

4. Once that has been done, “Leak Out” to Dinarland that they will have “Some” value. Then only the people who have the most faith, take a chance on them. As they spread out over the World, leak more and more info about the Zim, and soon the Humanitarian wealth has been (Equally?) spread throughout the World.

5. Then, just in time, bring out Yosef to drop the bomb that there will be NO LOP.

6. Does the Zim have value for real? YES, it does and the World is depending on it.

7. Should you get on the band wagon and buy some? Only if you want to have Trillions of dollars to help Humanity.