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Iraqi News Friday AM 11-6-20

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Representative Legal: Three Points Of Contention Delay The Passage Of The Federal Court Law

Pratha News Agency65 2020-11-06  On Friday, the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives revealed that there are three points of contention that are delaying the passage of the Federal Court law.

The official news agency quoted the committee as saying, “Three points of contention delay the passage of the Federal Court law,” noting that “the dispute relates to who constitutes the court, the voting mechanism and the right to vote for Sharia scholars.”

And the committee continued, saying, “We are waiting for agreement on the law in order to put it to a vote in the House of Representatives.”

Al-Rafidain Announces The Completion Of The Payment Of The Salaries Of Retirees For November

Time: 11/06/2020 09:07:05 Read: 2,158 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} Al-Rafidain Bank announced that it has completed the distribution of the salaries of retired civil and military for the month of November.

The media office of the bank said in a statement that the Euphrates News Agency received a copy of it, that “the bank has mobilized its capabilities to disburse the salaries of retirees after the arrival of financing and payrolls for retirees and used its modern electronic techniques to raise salaries on the electronic card.”

The statement called on “retirees who did not receive their salaries to go to the nearest office to disburse their financial dues.”    LINK

Alia Nassif On The Grand Port Of Faw: Canceling A Strategic Project Contract With A Pen Stroke Will Not Pass Easily … And We Will Summon The Responsible Minister

Friday 06, November 2020 14:07 | Economical Views: 283  Baghdad / NINA / Representative Alia Nassif expressed her surprise at the way in which the contract for the construction of the large Faw port could be canceled with such ease and speed by the Ministry of Transport and indifference to financial and legal obligations. While confirming that the minister will be summoned by the people’s representatives, she indicated that in the event that no agreement is reached, it is more appropriate to refer it to Chinese companies that will implement it at lower prices and with the required specifications.

Nassif said in a statement that the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA / received a copy of it: “We are surprised at the speed and ease of canceling the contract without the Ministry of Transport reviewing the financial and legal obligations and not reviewing the cancellation of a contract for a very important strategic project on which the economic future of Iraq depends,” indicating: “Canceling the contract is a temporary victory for the countries of the region that want to ruin Iraq and their agents, and every corrupt official has received a bribe from outside parties.”

She added, “The company is mainly present to construct the breakwater and it has been contracted with it to shorten the issue, but in the event of canceling the contract, contracts can be concluded with Chinese companies that may complete the port at lower prices and time,” calling on the government to “not tolerate this project because it will form the backbone of the Iraqi economy.” “.

And she indicated: “The cancellation of a strategic project with a stroke of a pen in a lean conference on one side cannot pass easily, and the minister will be summoned by the representatives of the Iraqi people.” / End8

The Ministry Of Transport Reveals The Papers Of The Faw Port And The Reasons For The Withdrawal Of The Korean Company

Money  and business   Economy News _ Baghdad  On Friday, the Ministry of Transport revealed the circumstances of the agreement with the Korean company to implement the Faw port and its withdrawal recently after reaching an initial agreement, before the company requested an increase in the implementation time and funds by more than $ 430 million.

The ministry stated in a statement that “Al-Eqtisad News” received a copy of it, that “since the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi assumed its duties, the Grand Port of Faw was given great importance and started the actual steps for implementation. Conditions of government contracts in order to speed up and raise the pace of work, and the company’s machinery and machinery and its engineering and technical staff are present in the work land, which saves time and effort faster.

And she added, “Daewoo successfully implemented the western port breakwater, based on the above, negotiations were held for a period of three months by the Ministry of Transport represented by the minister and the advanced cadre with the former director of the company and its advanced staff in the presence of members of the Parliamentary Services Committee and the Parliamentary Integrity Committee.

A preliminary agreement to implement five projects with a depth of the mooring basin and the navigation canal at a depth of 19.8, with a total amount of two billion three hundred seventy million dollars, with an implementation period extending to three years.

And she explained that “after the appointment of the new director of the Faw port project, the Korean side represented the Daewoo company, headed by the deputy director of Daewoo, who came from Seoul, as Daewoo demanded that the ceiling of implementation amounts be raised from 2 billion and 370 million dollars to 2 billion and 800 million if the ministry wanted Depths of 19.8 ”.

She pointed out that “the Minister of Transport rejected these demands and gave them a three-day deadline to reverse their decision and abide by the first initial agreement, and in their last meeting after the specified period, Daewoo refused to abide by the first agreement and their insistence on adding the additional amount and increasing the implementation period, which prompted the minister to refuse to raise the ceiling of demands. As if Daewoo kept sticking to its final decision and negotiations are still continuing. ” Number of observations 143, date of addendum 11/6/2020

Borrowing Law Is At Risk And May Be Rejected Outright

Money  and business   Economy News _ Baghdad  The Ministry of Finance deepened the confusion again in parliamentary and popular circles, when it disbursed the salaries of retirees after a delay of days, despite its statement that the funds were not available more than once, to repeat the previous scenario in the month of September when the Ministry of Finance suddenly released the salaries of employees when Parliament was late to pass the borrowing law.

These steps began to push Parliament, which basically rejected the idea of borrowing, and began to push it to rethink the possibility of passing the law, as the payment of the salaries of retirees began to be interpreted as the government already owns the money, but is delaying it for an unknown reason, which causes Parliament to completely refuse to pass the borrowing law.

Parliament searches for “the truth”

A member of the Finance Committee, Abdul-Mahdi Saadawi, said in a press statement, “The government announced that it was unable to release salaries without a loan last month and suddenly launched them without a loan. Today, the same scenario is repeated, and after a delay of several days, the salaries of retirees are released.”

He added, “These steps play with the citizen’s sustenance and reflects the extent of the confusion in the government’s financial policy and the lack of transparency in its dealings, which calls for Parliament to stand up to the real reasons behind the delay in launching salaries if the funds are available.”

The law may be up to the government

For his part, a member of the Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee, Representative Yahya Al-Ithawi, said that “next Saturday’s session of Parliament will be the second reading of the borrowing law and not a vote on it.” .

And that “the Finance Committee will take the opinions and proposals of MPs and are included in the law,” while noting that “it is possible to restore the government borrowing law.”

Suspicious earnings

The deputy from the Alliance of Sairun Mudhar Al-Azirjawi considered that there are suspicious sums and gains that the government seeks to pass in the borrowing law Suspect , pointing out that the government holds Parliament responsible for these sums and is pressing for the passage of the law.

Al-Azirjawi said, “The government spokesman, during his meeting and traveling with the Minister of Finance, confirmed that salaries are secured for the end of this year, but there is a major targeting of the House of Representatives by the government by holding him responsible for the delay in paying salaries.”

He added, “There are suspicious gains and benefits that the government is seeking to obtain through the passage of the borrowing law, which the parliament has called for to vote on.”

And that “the government pressures the House of Representatives to vote on borrowing large sums, at a time when the government has the sums it needs to pay to employees without the need for such a large loan.”

Number of observations 124, date of addendum 11/6/2020

Al-Tamimi: The House Of Representatives Does Not Want The Government To Lean Only On Loans

Follow-up Friday, 06 November 2020 04:23 PM  A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Magda Al-Tamimi, said, “The issue of delaying salaries of employees is a concern for citizens, the government and parliament, as it affects the people’s livelihood.”

She indicated that “the Finance Committee, when the draft law on borrowing from the government arrived, asked about the updated data, because the government sent data for the first six months as an actual disbursement, and it is assumed that there will be nine months data.”

She added that “the government requested a loan for a period of four months, and the committee does not have actual data on many paragraphs, and the committee must be informed of the data, because the government requested a loan of 41.6 trillion dinars, and therefore the exact calculations for four months must be known, knowing that the month of September I paid the salaries of its employees, and the loan should be calculated for three months only.

Al-Tamimi pointed out that “if the government is not in need of money, then why does it send the borrowing bill to the Finance Committee,” asserting that “the committee has sent a letter to the government regarding its need for the loan after the government spokesman’s statements, quoting the Minister of Finance, in which he said that salaries are secure. .

She pointed out that “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi contacted the head of the Finance Committee and informed him of the government’s need for the loan,” calling for “the statements to be accurate, because these statements and their accuracy have a negative impact on the Iraqi people, because if the borrowing project is delayed, they will accuse the Finance Committee or Council Deputies claim that they are behind the delay in approval. ”

Al-Tamimi added that “the Finance Committee is entrusted with these funds, and it does not put obstacles in place. Rather, it wants to know the real data so that the decision is correct,” noting that “with regard to solutions, the Financial Committee has a paper with solutions, but the fiscal and monetary policy is the government’s competence, and the tasks of The committee is to legislate laws and monitor the performance of the government, and each has its own tasks and duties, and the committee wants the work to be orderly, and there are no overlaps in the powers.

She indicated that “the government was late in launching salaries, because in fact it collects oil revenues, and it can cover salaries, but in any case it informed the Finance Committee of its need for funds.” It should have long-term solutions. ”

Al-Tamimi stated that, “Iraq needs a budget for the year 2021 even if it is calculated at low oil prices, because this budget will be a road map, and it contains final accounts, and the experience of 2014 and 2020 should not be repeated, and this matter is not permissible according to the Public Administration and Public Debt Law.” The budget should be based on low oil price estimates (pessimistic). ”   LINK

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