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RV EXCERPTS from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 1 Sept. 2022

Compiled Thurs. 1 Sept. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset:


Judy Note: There were only a handful of Military Intelligence people informed of when Liquidity release would actually occur, and they weren’t talking. The date would be decided by the Quantum Computer and based on safety issues. Any other dates given were pure speculation.


A High Up Source felt that the GCR / RV could occur any time between now and mid Oct. The “hold up” was more military logistics and underground tunnel resistance – that was in the process of being aggressively finished.


Tues. 16 Aug. Coach Jerry: “Be encouraged dear community, our time will come. If we could figure out the precise timing, then the evil opposition could also figure it out. And I have a sneaking suspicion that the Worldwide Alliance has designed this entire “movie” such that no one, outside the good military, is quite able to figure it out.”


Tues. 30 Aug. Bruce: Tier 4B should receive notification within 36 hours, or before Fri. 2 Sept. 6 am EST. Tier 4B would likely be starting their appointments on Thurs. 1 Sept. Tier 3 Bond Holders emails should go out overnight to Wed. 31 Aug. Those emails would contain codes that would give them accessibility to their funds.


Wed. evening 31 Aug. MarkZ: “Tier 3 has the money in their accounts and they can see it but cannot touch it until the RV happens. Lots of money movement at Redemption Centers. … Some say it won’t happen until Tues. 6 Sept. …We would have ten days to set our appointments for the special rates given only at Redemption Centers, and have 30 days to exchange at those Redemption Centers.


White Hat Intel: We will have about 10 days to exchange or redeem our currencies and bonds (Zim) for the special rates.


The general public would likely be able to exchange (at lower rates) at the banks. They would start at the same time that Tier 3 and Tier4B begin, which could be on Thurs. 1 Sept. or Fri. 2 Sept.


The Banks will be undergoing a transition. Cash will not be readily available for a period of a few days. This will start as soon as we begin the announcement period probably 12 hours after everyone wakes up. The change is global, not just in America with its fifty States. Every country on every continent will undergo a form of change. That is an enormous proposition, and one that has required this time to prepare and set in motion.


The Real News for Wed. 31 Aug. 2022:


According to Charlie Ward: LINK


Nesara/Gesara is a part of the Quantum Financial System.


Lin Wood messaged me saying they expected to shut down the world’s economy on Sept. 11 2022 – the 21st Anniversary of 911 – that is 7-7-7-(21) completion.


Global Economic Crisis:


Even Chairman Chief Bankster of investment firm Rockefeller International sees US Dollar losing World Reserve Status. When Banksters begin espousing the reality of an ongoing global currency shift, especially in the Financial Times, there can be little doubt that we have crossed the Rubicon.


General Caesar realized in 49 BCE, “there’s no going back”, once his armies crossed that stream and entered Rome Proper, which created a civil war and eventually ended the Roman Empire. Today, our modern-day Caesar’s are realizing the same. There’s no going back from the USA’s financial empire drawing to its logical conclusion.


For the first time since the first Breton Woods Treaty established the Dollar as the World’s reserve currency, the USD share of global foreign exchange (FX) reserves has dropped to 59% amongst the baskets of other nation’s central bank holdings. That’s significant. So when Chief Banksters begin publicizing this fact, there’s no looking back, only forward to what’s next.


What’s next is the endgame battle between Our GCR and the Central Planner’s Great Reset (via Central Bank Digital Currencies). The former is Freedom. The latter is totalitarian control.


The battleground will be the USA and Europe vs. the rest of the world (led by BRICS nations and their allied states). As the USD begins a precipitous weakening and further decline in global FX holdings, the FED’s/ECB’s CBDCs will be held up as the solution. The rest of the world will formally solidify their asset-backed currency baskets already in progress. Real money vs. digital fiat currency.


Our country is completely dependent on imports from the rest of the world (everything at Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. and also most industrial raw materials). When no exporting nation will accept CBDCs as trade payment, the USA will be forced to consider asset-backing the Dollar (the Euro will be abandoned in favor of a return to her previous sovereign currencies such as the Deutschmark, Franc, and Lira).


This is the trigger for the General Redemptions release of gold collateral to back new USTN and other Western currencies. And prior to this, all historical bonds and artificially depressed currencies will RV/Exchange/Redeem via the GCR Platforms (already in place). Oh happy day. … GCR Real-Time News Telegram Room


NEW – Wages in the EU are collapsing in real worth to record lows.


“Don’t Be Fooled By Recent Strength… A Post-Dollar World Is Coming”: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/dont-be-fooled-recent-strength-post-dollar-world-coming


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