In Fleming 

Our military intel contact confirmed Mr Fleming’s sources who had said that Trump’s legal teams & RV security teams have been handling

(1) security issues (Antifa potential rioting cells, radiological bomb threats, etc) and

(2) getting certain restored Republic NESARA measures in place legally as the Deep State Corporation (USA Inc) became legally defunct last Thu 5 Nov after the bankruptcy signed by signatory Pope Francis 24 Sept 2015 ended then;

Trump teams also submitting to SCOTUS Quantum blockchain evidence of 80%+ Trump vote win & simultaneous evidence of Biden/Dem massive ballot fraud (100s of thousands [!!] of cases of paper ballot backdating, 1000s of counterfeit Chinese CCP printed absentee ballots being fraudently marked for Biden,

Forensic evidence of running 3% accruing vote switch data patterns from Trump to Biden through Hammer supercomputer Scorecard app data swaps confirmed in Tue 3 Nov election night live CNN video clips, 60+ USPS & State election worker whistleblowers with signed affidavits testifying to fraudulent ballot interference, 1000s of dead people voting in ballot races with birthdates going back to the 1820s[!!]) in the 12 battleground states;

All this getting ready for the release & T4B start still this week accd to his info.

Upshot is still this week and they are working hard behind the scenes.