In Fleming

Fleming:  Our military intel contact said No the RV shotgun release is going now behind the scenes; and he said any sorting out of the election before T4B starts is not anticipated to delay the release beyond the next 24-48 hours as all the mountains of evidence from 12 states of Deep State Biden-crime-family-Chinese CCP enabled fraud is presented to the SCOTUS happening from yesterday Tue 10 Nov forward this week (evidence from 12 states of statistical ballot counting fraud, 1000s & 1000s of cases of dead voter & other ID theft fraud, 1000s & 1000s of cases of physical absentee paper ballot manipulation fraud, QFS blockchain watermarked LEGAL ballot evidence, Hammer supercomputer Scorecard app vote switch fraud, 60+ state workers & USPS workers in PA, NV, MI, etc testifying with sworn affidavits to being ordered by superiors to commit ballot fraud);

Said SCOTUS review is being expedited, among other reasons, to get the shotgun start out this week; said they’re working hard on all fronts to get it out; said that like Secty of State Pompeo publicly stated that there would be (not ‘there may be’ but there WOULD be) “a smooth transition to a second Trump administration,”

All in DC behind the scenes know that Trump won the election by 80%+ of the real LEGAL vote and the Deep State Biden as so-called “president-elect” propaganda will be exposed for the fake stream media lie that it really is. (https://nypost.com/2020/11/10/mike-pompeo-predicts-smooth-transition-to-second-trump-administration/ )

Pompeo predicts ‘smooth transition’ — to second Trump  https://nypost.com