In Fleming 

Fleming:  He said that he is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources’ intel indicating that the so-called intel put out this week that T4B won’t go till January 2021 (after T3-4A go between now and end Dec) is STILL MISINFO / DISINFO being put out to throw off the bad guys; but in fact his info agrees with Mr. Fleming’s sources, Bruce’s sources, MarkZ’s Iraqi sources, and other sources that the release to T3-4A groups and us in T4B is MOVING FORWARD behind the scenes RIGHT NOW in the form of a QFS SHOTGUN START that will take 72 hours (once it gets started with T4B nofitications) behind the scenes;(edited)

He said he agreed with Mr. Fleming’s sources that the so-called Donald Trump tweet of Mon 9 Nov 10:39 pm EST, stating ” Congratulations to the ppl of Iraq on becoming international and on the new exchange rate! Level playing field,” is indeed as many guessed a false tweet —he said note that the Twitter account is not POTUS’s twitter acct—the true POTUS acct is “@realDonaldJTrump” with the middle initial “J” and not the fake account without the “J,“ “@realDonaldTrump“;

Besides, as he said in the past, it would be a security risk for Iraq and for the USA to put out such an announcement of the Iraqi RV—rather, the white hats want to (1) keep the GCR/RV release quiet and below the radar especially as we in T4B are started in the redemption center appointments, and they want to (2) release the T4B start and the shotgun liquidity start quietly before Iraq is released by the RV decision-makers to make their RV new rate public;

He said they don’t want to hang out a sign that says “Here [D]eep [S]tate crazies, Antifa, Islamic terrorists, Manchurian candidate mind-control shooters and bombers, WE ARE LETTING YOU KNOW THAT THIS RV IS RELEASING IN IRAQ AND HERE IN THE USA so you can perpetrate violence now”—he said NO THEY DON’T WANT TO PUT OUT THAT KIND OF SHINGLE OUTSIDE THE GLOBAL RV BLACKSMITH SHOP, so-to-speak;(edited)