Judy Byington Restored Republic June 22, 2022

  In Judy Byington 

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 22, 2022


There soon will be military operations in many of the major corrupt cities. Marines and National Guard troops will be moved as needed for expected riots due to the Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade and Gun Control.

The states of Arkansas, Wisconsin and Texas have decertified the 2020 Election.

Planned Food Shortage Across the Globe: In Kazakhstan cattle are dying from an unknown disease. Wheat fields are burning all over Turkey. About a hundred food industry enterprises have “caught fire” in the United States since the beginning of 2021. Just in the last 30 days six coal train derailments have occurred, losing their cargo.

Solar Storm Warning: Earth faces direct hit as Solar Storm doubles in size in the last 24 hours.

Global Currency Reset:

Reminder: No one, and I mean Absolutely No One knows the exact time and date that the Global Currency Reset would be finalized, with codes entered for notification of Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) to set redemption/ exchange appointments – it dependent upon an earth shattering Event such as a Stock Market Crash that would implode the global economy. The exact deadline would be decided by the Military out of calculations of their Quantum Computer and based upon concerns for safety of The People. Trust the Plan.

Tues. 21 June 2022 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net 667-770-1866 pin123456#

  • On Mon. 20 June there was a major Sting Operation where certain people tried to exchange their Dong in three cities in the US and three in Switzerland. It resulted in 3,150 arrests.
  • One Redemption Center personnel estimated that there was a 98% chance that Tier 4B would be notified to set their appointments on Wed. 22 June.
  • There were three million Zim Holders around the world.
  • Half of the people around the globe were now gold-backed in their currency and on the QFS System including the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and twelve other nations including Saudi Arabia.

Restored Republic:

  • Mon. 20 June Coach Jerry: “It should be an “event filled” week. Momentum was building. Soon there would be a Military Manifestation. Watch for (1) Supreme Court Overturning Roe vs. Wade (2) China’s Military aggressiveness (3) Durham Revelations. Of course, the Crypto & Wall Street Crash will intensify this week, as well as the general public’s mass resistance to the new CDC approval of children (under 5) being vaccinated. Hard to believe, but true! Everything is lining up! Stay Buckled Up!”
  • Green Light: Quantum Computer Activated; BQMBS Incoming; Blackout Necessary; Dark to Light; Digital War; Thurs. 7 July Comeback.…President Q
  • The Greatest Military Operation Of Our Time: https://t.me/SpaceForceGalacticFederation/9882 …Q
  • Military shutdowns and arrests begin this week and will continue for the next 13 days/nights (to June 30).
  • Everyone would get emergency notifications on their phones, TVs, radios and the Internet for all to see and hear, would overwrite all other broadcasts and could last several hours at a time.
  • Because of expected riots in 40 major cities it was advised not to travel to large cities (especially Philadelphia) for the rest of the month.
  • There will be military operations in many of the major corrupt cities. Marines and National Guard troops will be moved as needed for the riots.
  • The states of Arkansas, Wisconsin and Texas have decertified the 2020 Election.
  • Planned Food Shortage Across the Globe: In Kazakhstan cattle are dying from an unknown disease. Wheat fields are burning all over Turkey. About a hundred food industry enterprises have “caught fire” in the United States since the beginning of 2021.
  • Solar Storm Warning: Earth faces direct hit as Solar Storm doubles in size in 24 hours. I was told that the Solar Storm was a Cover Story for blowing up the Stock Markets. I was told when this drops it will hurt for 6 months.” …Whiplash347 https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1628757/solar-storm-warning-earth-direct-hit-sunspot-space-weather-latest-flare

Possible Schedule of Events:

  • Thursday June 23: With Supreme Court opinion announcements come Deep State planned riots in 40 large cities across the nation.
  • Fri. June 24: Stock Market Crash to 0 will be this Friday? Prepare for Zero Day Massive Cyber Attacks to shut down Earth. (Apache, Ghidra, Log4j 6/24/2022) 6/6/6 St. John’s Day Satanic Holiday celebrated with bonfires & fireworks. Remember, remember the fifth of November. 11.4 & 11.5 are together, right after one another. Think Cyber then Booms. 5 Planet Alignment Birth of Freemason’s. Stock Exchanges will all blow up. Cover Story: Stellar Corona, Coronal mass ejection. Mr Pool – Bull Photo = NYSE Stage Is Set. All kinds of reports & Queen/Pope ready to drop. Evergrande [Titanic] ready to bring them all down.
  • Saturday June 25: Trump Rally in Illinois
  • Thurs. 7 July 2022 Checkmate: World Premier “2000 Mules” Mission Successful Comeback, Resurrection Well Done, Patriots …President Q
  • Thurs. 7 July 2022: JFK Jr. identity confirmed, expected delivery 7 July 2022: You can’t imagine what is happening behind the curtains. Everything will be exposed and the Resurrection will happen – Monkey Pox is a scam.

The Quantum Financial System, Whiplash347:

  • Rothschild’s Central Bank Oil/War Backed Notes are being changed out with Rainbow Treasury Department Notes (USTN) in every country. You can see Australian Central Bank Deal on Notes. (Look it up)
  • In the Global Currency Reset we have revaluated all currencies on Earth so they were 1:1 with each other – “An even playing field” as Trump said.
  • There were three foreign currencies that will have big worth: Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong & the 2008 AA 100 Trillion Dollar Note from Zimbabwe.
  • Many immigrants will return home to their lands to build and rebuild under newly Blockchain Elected Non Tyrant Governments 10% the size of what they are now.
  • Third World Nations under GESARA will receive massive amounts of money to Build & Rebuild from years of Rape, Pillage, Genocide, War & Destruction.
  • Think Africa, Mid East, Asia & South America. They will be building these Continents & Nations up to being 1st World. To have what we have.
  • Instead of Oil backed Currencies we move to using Precious Metals of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Iridium, Copper and Rhodium. https://twitter.com/payment_infrast?s=

The Real News for Tues. 21 June 2022:

  • Solar Storm Warning: Earth faces direct hit as Solar Storm doubles in size in 24 hours: https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1628757/solar-storm-warning-earth-direct-hit-sunspot-space-weather-latest-flare
  • Whiplash347: “I was told that the Solar Storm was a Cover Story for blowing up the Stock Markets and when this drops it will hurt for six months.”
  • This week incoming pain, dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden Laptop Punisher, Q, JFK Jr, Trump, Kennedy Lives: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZcAdZoNf8A9v/
  • Declaration of the New Federal State of China: Anyone remember when Steve Bannon announced that China was freed back in 2020? “From today the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will no longer be the lawful government of China,” the billionaire, Guo Wengui, shouted into a livestream from a boat in New York Harbor, with Bannon by his side and the Statue of Liberty in the background. – June 3, 2020
  • JFK Jr.: The Internet is being replaced by New Quantum Internet. See the Starlink Rocket Launches. Alpha & Beta versions. Alpha is 10,000 times as fast. Beta is about 7,500 + times as fast and ready to go. The Internet needs to be wiped of Operation Mockingbird. All new platforms are coming.
  • Whiplash347: Q and the FBI have given warnings to archive your data offline. NSA will release Apache Ghidra-Log4J to burn the inside of computers. Microsoft will reboot to wipe out Operation Mockingbird.
  • The Israel Govt just disbanded.
  • China: Sun. 19 June Flood destroyed thousands of buildings and cars in Guangdong, China.
  • Europe Mon. 20 June Unusual heat and fires in Europe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nEJUabu06E
  • It has long been rumored that Graphene is introduced into the body through inoculations. This is said to allow wireless connections to be made via Bluetooth and give vaccinated people a MAC address, enabling electronic communication. People have visited recently deceased gravesites of the vaccinated and a MAC address appeared on their phone.
  • Did we go to the moon? Or, was it a farce and the $162 billion allotted just for the “first Moon Landing” stolen by the Deep State? Wikileaks has released NASAs supposed “Moon Landing” photos that were actually filmed in the Nevada Desert.
  • Q Warriors are encouraged to share and follow this list of channels – it’s extremely important for reasons that you will soon understand.
  • @TheJudgeQ
  • @GNPTNQ17
  • @ClassifiedQ
  • @JFKAwakeningQ17
  • @SurvivorQ
  • @Punisher_Q
  • @ArabellaKennedy_Q17
  • @TheFinalHacker
  • @MulesOfficialQ
  • The TWITTER Board was urging shareholders to approve the $44 Billion sale of the Social Media Company to Musk.
  • Mount: We have over 33 million illegals in this country.
  • Colbert Team arrested after storming the Capitol: “We’re scarred by what we saw last week. It’ll be a long time before we can revisit the Capitol again. It’s going to take a lot of therapy before we can recapture the carefree innocence Stephen Colbert stole from us.” …Fox News Tucker Carlsen
  • Mexican Cartels Boasting about Making Millions off the Biden Border Crisis: https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/ted-cruz-southern-border-cartels-boasting/2022/06/21/id/1075334/?ns_mail_uid=c4c7eecf-ba73-4dd7-8004-fd6711c8cf89&ns_mail_job=DM346789_06212022&s=acs&dkt_nbr=010504h9puh3

Global Financial Crisis:

  • By Fri. 24 June the New York Stock Market was expected to implode, triggered by China’s Real Estate giant Evergrande’s bankruptcy and being taken off the Market last week.
  • China: There’s been a run on the Chinese Banks that MSM has ignored. Right now money in the Chinese banks were frozen with no cash available to their customers: https://www.asiamarkets.com/chinese-banks-run/
  • Benjamin Fulford: “The Dow Jones industrial average has been down 11 out of the past 12 weeks; something that has never happened before. The closest was in the great crash of 1929 when it fell 10 out of 11 weeks. Normally when stocks fall, bonds rise as people rush to “safety.” However, US Treasuries are having their biggest collapse since Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard in the early 1970’s. Crypto-currency markets are down two-thirds from their peak and have evaporated $2 trillion in imaginary money. The consensus among top financial industry veterans is that stocks are going to fall 90% before this ends. Today, June 20th, all financial markets in the US are closed.”

2020 Election Fraud:

  • Arkansas, Wisconsin and Texas have all decertified the 2020 Election.

Planned Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

  • Turkey: “Wheat fields are burning simultaneously in Tekirdag, Bursa, Diyarbakir, Mardin, Gaziantep, Canakkale and Osmaniye. Why are the Ministry of Agriculture and TV channels silent? Are you still wondering if there is a planned food shortage?”
  • US: About a hundred food industry enterprises have “caught fire” in the United States since the beginning of 2021.
  • In Kazakhstan, a “mysterious” death of livestock and poultry has been observed for several months, no one can name a specific reason: — In the village of the Fedorovsky district, almost all the chickens died: https://kstnews.kz/news/incidents/item-74319
  • Kazakhstan: Cattle are dying from an unknown disease in the north of the country: https://24.kz/ru/news/social/item/535635-ot-neizvestnoj-bolezni-gibnet-skot-v-kostanajskoj-oblasti
  • Kazakhstan: Cattle are dying massively in the west of Kazakhstan: https://www.lada.kz/another_news/100203-skot-massovo-gibnet-v-atyrauskoy-oblasti.html
  • Kazakhstan farmer: “The case began in mid-February, a month and a half has passed since then. Nothing has stopped, animals are dying every day. Symptoms: foam comes out of the mouth, drips from the nose and do not eat anything. I do not know what kind of disease it is. On February 25, at a meeting in the regional center, I reported from the rostrum that we had a disease among animals and there was a case, and asked to send a commission to check, but no one came then.” What’s it? Biological experiments to infect animals? Preparing for a food shortage? It can hardly be called an ordinary coincidence.
  • US: Just in the last 30 days there have been six coal train derailments, losing their cargo.

Global Demonstrations and Riots:

  • London: A demonstration organized by trade unions, which gathered several thousand people in London today. The people came out against the increase in the cost of living and the policies of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
  • Night Of Rage: Eerie Flyers Pop Up In DC Ahead Of Roe vs. Wade Decision. Unsettling flyers have begun to appear throughout Washington D.C., warning of riots should the Supreme Court overturn Roe vs. Wade. https://dailycaller.com/2022/06/20/night-of-rage-roe-v-wade-supreme-court/

Covid/Monkey Pox/Vax Hoax:

  • Doctors Sue FDA Over Stance on Ivermectin Use for COVID-19: https://resistthemainstream.org/doctors-sue-fda-over-stance-on-ivermectin-use-for-covid-19/?utm_source=telegram
  • Newsmax Dr. Peter McCullough: “What should parents think? If a child is healthy at baseline, there is no way on earth that child can be made healthier by taking par-enteral repeated administrations of lipid nano-particles laced with PEG ribonucleic acid coding for disease-promoting, long-lasting Spike protein.”
  • Why aren’t hospitals, cardiac units and admins telling the truth about their budget and planning for an ~85% increase in cardiac surgery over the next 5 years?

White Hat Intel:

  • Winter on Fire” means riots, False Flags, explosions, wars, Deep State using HAARP for weather modification, fires, climate change, heating oceans, Deep State using the last of their ammo to create chaos, Civil Unrest using MSM, Social Media. It’s the End Game, a Near Death to Civilization Event as people see the wickedness, feel the pain and ask for help, so the Military steps in. It had to be this way. Military is the only way. Dark to Light. Have Faith through the hardest part of the Plan. It’s always darkest before the light comes. Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing!

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Restored-Republic-via-a-GCR-6-22-2022 Download


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