Judy Byington Thursday January 27, 2022

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Judy Note: Cyber Attacks were pushing the world toward War with Russia over the Ukraine, while Biden spent the day browsing stores and eating ice cream. Biden had extensive holdings to protect in Ukraine, including an Underground Tunnel running beneath his property where hundreds of thousands of children were said trafficked every year.

But then, why should he be concerned? For years Biden had been getting away with corruption in the Ukraine, US and China. And, his connections to international child sex trafficking was well known and began at his Water Island next door to Epstein Island.

The Ukraine was also the center of corruption with regard to illegal arms dealing & also serves as the Democrats’ shadow organization for corrupt activities such as child-sex-trafficking & drug running.

On Sunday 27 Dec. 2020 a Ukrainian Press Conference outlined international corruption sanctioned under a request from Democratic Senators and demanded return of billions stolen from the Ukrainian people that was laundered through what has been referred to as the Biden Crime Family. /prophecy/2020/12/ukraine-releases-bombshell-information-on-biden-today-mirror-this-asap-2516957.html

Corruption in the Ukraine: LINK

Ukraine: the final piece, Glen Beck: Glenn Beck Presents: Ukraine: The Final Piece – YouTube

The sinister dealings of the Biden’s in China at America’s expense: RIDING THE DRAGON: The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets (Full Documentary) – YouTube

Biden was quite upfront about his Voter Fraud on national TV, saying right before the election that he had “compiled the most extensive Voter Fraud organization in the history of politics.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGRnhBmHYN0

Obama, Biden, CIA Director Gina Haspel Evidently Arrested for Espionage, Voter Fraud | Politics | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

A Sun. 22 Nov. report showed Joe Biden stole $140 million from US Treasury and transferred it to his personal account in the Cayman Islands: “Report Shows Joe Biden Stole $140 Million From US Federal Treasury & Transferred the $$ to Rosemont Seneca, Purportedly For Bank Bailouts & Then to His Personal Account in the Cayman Islands.” https://twitter.com/MzMugzzi

Biden, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi Tied to Voter Fraud, Child Trafficking? | Politics | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

After the Trump/Biden debate a Mexican journalist filed this live video in response to the “deadly lies of Joe Biden” dated Oct. 2020: https://www.soonerpolitics.org/editorial/mexican-journalist-exposes-joe-bidens-human-trafficking-compact

Burisma Holdings in the Ukraine was being investigated for corruption back in 2014, yet Vice President Joe Biden & the criminal Obama Admin demanded any criminal investigation into Burisma be shut down. Why? Cuz Burisma, who sat on the Burisma Holdings Board, was/is their mechanism for illegal arms dealings throughout the world.

  1. Global Currency Reset:


MarkZ Wed. evening 26 Jan. 2022:

Member: MARK! BIG NEWS! One of my 4A contacts in S. Africa said the paymaster he works with told him that the 1% had been paid and he is expecting their bonds to be dealt with any moment now.

MZ: I am hearing similar things on the bond side. Many whales are still in Reno, staying in place and ready to roll. Some have made arrangements for private flights so they are able to get back within hours. Today Wed. 26 Jan. there was a lot of movement – some of it still pointing to very late in the week for payments. Some have been moved till Monday for access on their money. What I have been told is 3 to 5 days from when they start paying Historic German bonds is when you and I go. Those bonds seem to be a trigger based on everything I am hearing from paymasters and groups. There is still great chatter and there are still groups updating paperwork. The news from groups has been fantastic. I know many of you who are not in groups get down because you cannot see it….but don’t throw in the towel yet…..things are great. .

Holly Wednesday PM: They have cracked down on anybody talking. So people are going…. but they are not talking…. it is that severe! So you won’t hear about it …..and then people think it’s not happening because nobody’s talking about it! This is serious business

Fleming:  The banks in Iraq thought it would go today, but the Iraqi source said as soon as Salah is announced as President (next 2 days) they should be able to GO.

  1. White Hats Intel:


The Assassination of Jovenel Moise the President of Haiti was silenced for working with NSA and giving information to U.S. Military Intel and direct evidence on the Clinton Foundation and all the gold stolen from Haiti through the Clintons and CIA.

President Moise had all the evidence on the submarines the Clintons and Epstein had on the island to transfer hundreds of thousands of children trafficked across the world.

Moise had given collected/evidence the past four years on Mother Teresa human trafficking networks in collision with The Clinton Foundation/FBI and 90 Billion dollar payment to the Vatican, which headed the operation.

In the evidence/files/servers given to Trump/NSA the CIA had used weather modification and Tectonic Weapons to cause earthquakes and floods to cover up the story of 800,000 missing children.

The sealed indictments touches on all these facts, and all evidence and testimony are recorded.

Unfortunately the Deep State Cabal were running low on Adrenochrome in the world wide market.

Sources believe the upheaval in Haiti is the same deep state play book: send in the Deep State UN, take over the country and the children.

Things are getting heavy my friends… Winter on. Many Deep State countries were making their moves – desperate moves to stay alive.


Strange goings on at the White House: Last night Tues. 25 Jan. a person was videotaped bound to a chair on the upper floor of the White House. Today Wed. 26 Jan. loud jackhammers were heard from the North Lawn fountain at the White House. Yesterday new construction began in front of the White House behind the newly installed ten foot high cement fence – the same fence that was constructed around the Canadian Parliament at the same time. All week at night there have been strange flashes of light filmed from the windows along the main floor of the White House, which has been empty since Trump left a year ago. At that same time before Biden’s so-called “Inauguration,” the Army National Guard constructed an eight foot high metal fence topped with barbed wire facing inward, guarded by the troops. At one point last year children were filmed coming out of the White House under National Guard supervision in the middle of the night. Biden has never lived at the White House, nor was he allowed to enter the Pentagon. He has been filmed at “movie set like” replicas of the White House in Hollywood, Georgia, CIA Headquarters in Virginia and Washington DC.

The last 10-15% of the tunnels in U.S are the HARDEST battles through Cali, Texas, Florida (water world) N.E U.S. (five finger sub/maglev lines). The mini tunnels through the N.E. Cities NY, DC, Philadelphia, Montreal, Finger lakes, Chicago.ect. MASSIVE mini tunnels lines. Small inner city Tunnels Lines (U-Ts) NY:150, Boston:45, Hartford:50, Baltimore: 50, DC:70, Montreal: 60 they all connect to maglev & Sub tunnels. The N.E. U.S is the oldest Trafficking tunnels since British control +Queen, Phillips, Vatican, CIA, FBI. Thousands of soldiers lost since 2014 destruction of the Underground tunnels and bases. Thousands of children and adults in underground D.U.M.Bs  lost and dead through Deep State Explosions. Tornados in the last weeks were cover patterns silencing the Deep State booms.