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GEM:  Good afternoon Frank and Delta, after reading the multiple post by Walkingstick (thank you also) it’s safe to say that our blessing with this investment isn’t going to happen BUT is happening right now and has started!! Thank God !!!!!

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Dnari131:  PressTV-Iran: Sanctions to be lifted in ‘next few days’
Press TV‎ – 7 hours ago

http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2015/12/13 … m-Zangeneh


Walkingstick:  A call for a balanced deal between the government and private banks

12/14/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD – morning

economist said Dr. Mahdi Al-Hafiz: he has to be for Iraq to build a viable economy balanced to get rid of dependence on oil revenues and stand against the challenges and difficulties impeding the real development and the evolution of the economy in a sustainable way.

He said in a speech at the annual banking conference, addressing the participants: see your meeting this vital window to go in the way of progress, innovation and building a sophisticated life in Iraq, and requires it to provide a helping hand Capricorn for the revival of the banking sector and make it tailored more with global developments and technical transformations and the needs of new generations in our country.

He noted that the banking crisis in Iraq is part of the economic crisis experienced by the country years ago and requires a radical solution provides a financial resource and support economically feasible, pointing to the possibility that private banks are generous compared to government banks.

And on the question »Sabah» on ways of enhancing the banking sector re-Hafiz to mind the contents of the detailed report on the status of banks in Iraq and the World Bank in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, which came out important recommendations on how to improve the banking sector four years ago where counting banking crisis as the side most dangerous in the reform process, but these recommendations and, unfortunately, did not take the process for proper application and she continued to private banks crisis.

He returned to say : It seems that it is now more difficult than the previous because of various internal crises, which led to a decline in economic life, especially in the standard of living and widespread unemployment and the deterioration of services and the dominance of


Hafiz called for the need to deal balanced and sound between government banks and private banks and calls for the promotion of them through the provision of aid and expertise and comprehensive technical development and allow more flexibility in daily trading, noting that more than 90 percent of the deposits of the state go to the government banks, and that a lot of government commitments undertaken by these banks which are in fact not able to keep pace with the development in the world in terms of

Flexibility., said Hafiz also: that the reform does not take place today what image the roles that promote the wings of government and private Almsrvian, and the requirements of this advancement has to be a restructuring of official banks in Iraq and make them eager to more interaction with local economic needs and global developments have not changed and it can be created state of balance and so as to provide for private banks serious conditions necessary for the advancement of. He Hafiz out there that the weaknesses of the other is the practical path and review some aspects of monetary policy, especially with regard auction currency through think carefully about finding another tool for the advancement of this task, the proposed supporter that they can be this thing the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance to be the body responsible for dealing in foreign currency.

He hinted that progress in this way will provide the possibility of maintaining the unity of monetary policy, based on the principle that the presence of the Iraqi Central Bank Hotobeir for a sovereign right of the country, and care should be taken to develop it and make it tailored to different country needs. Hafiz He concluded by saying: The purpose of this whole Hotover appropriate atmosphere to walk in the way of economic reform as stated in the official government documents confirming the commitment to market economy, and so can the private banking sector to have a greater role and effectiveness of the most in public life. It was Hafiz welcomed and with the participation of Arab and foreign delegations at the conference promise task to take advantage of their expertise, praising the role of the Association and its tool for organizing this conference, which he described as vital to the start of the window in the way of progress and innovation.



Walkingstick:  Encourage citizens to contribute to the revitalization of investment savings

12/14/2015 0:00

Baghdad Joseph Zayer
is saving one of the important economic events and supporting the development process in any economy as well as one of the most prominent cultural events in our world today, but that most of the civilized nations not accept any circulation of money without the mediation of banks and for different purposes until trading Statistics.

The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords, has revealed during the third banking conference held by the Association of Iraqi banks recently, that 77 percent of the Iraqi currency traded in the market chunky in the homes, and this information indicates a significant failure in the level of economic awareness of the various sectors, led by sector banking. Keywords that the Bank has announced plans to put these funds to attract and introducing them into various investment projects. He Keywords that: banks if done well to provide services to customers in order to attract this saved money, it will contribute to move the Iraqi economy.

Thus, also have on the banking sector, seeking to encourage savings and to contribute to educate the citizens of the importance of this activity and great usefulness and its contribution to providing the liquidity needed for the state, as it will provide investment opportunities citizens, and to stimulate the economic sectors in general, and to maximize its resources in particular, and to make the savings pattern of lifestyles and general culture. And it can do the job through the development of new policies to the size of the interest rate on savings, as well as longer education on the use of credit card payment manner instead of (Cache) of the best ways to encourage savings, note that access to this service became accessible and can be for the banking sector seek to facilitate and broaden its base to include various the types of events that can be activated to use them.

Another important aspect to activate the savings is the development of policies to limit the tendency of all types to consumer practices that tend to the most negative and the lack of interest by the popularity of the principle of trading goods according to the low price on the expense of quality.

And it must be awareness that living costs should not hamper savings Whatever the size of revenue, where the head of the household must be arranged on the living conditions in accordance with the size of his income, and to allocate part of it to spare. All institutions, including civil society organizations claim to play their role to consolidate this economic activity and encouraged at all in our society, it can start to educate children in their schools and employees in the workplace.