Sandman: Quote:   “Issued shares Bank of Kurdistan stable at 1.26 dinars”
Walkingstick:  Iraq Stock Exchange is witnessing active liquidity
Twilight News / general index of the Stock Exchange of Iraq rose at the close of trading today ,Sunday – the first sessions Alosbua- the support of the bank ‘s shares.

General index recorded a growth rate of 2.24%, reaching the level of 724.92 points, a winner towards 15.87 points, compared with a closing session Thursday.
And supporting the rise of the index performance of 24 stocks, 12 stocks including banking sector.
Issued shares the Secretary – estate rises by about 20%, followed by the civil Insurance by 10%, then the desert of public transport increased by 9.68%.
In contrast , the meeting witnessed only two stocks fell first, the production and marketing of meat by about 3.03%, then the Secretary – insurance by 1.1%.
And it stepped quantities today to 3 billion shares, compared with 960.2 million shares the previous session, as liquidity rose to 2.5 billion dinars , compared to 670.3 million dinars a session last Thursday.
Issued shares Bank of Kurdistan stable at 1.26 dinars, trading activity at all levels, the size of 957 million shares, and cash of 1.21 billion dinars.
Recap From Wed. Night CC:
Frank26    …Monetary Reform has reached the point where everybody has agreed with the numbers…to the point where the budget that contains the number has been approved and will be in the Gazette very soon.
Do you know who else got…the LOI (letter of intent) …the one the IMF got…the mother of all Central Banks…the Bank of International Settlements…the BIS…which is found in Switzerland
Trust me they also got the report that Iraq is ready to lift the value of their currency in the beginning of 2017…so when the CBI website updates their new numbers the international world will also be able to see that they have changed their rate.
How long is it going to take before we see these numbers change?
The IBAN it was set up on the 2nd…they have been doing international transactions since the 2nd…well maybe yes…maybe no…
It is set up to do it as soon as they get a non-program rate…without sanctions …that is the reason why IMO there is no rate on the CBI website.
If they are at Article 8…if they have lifted the 000’s from their exchange rate…well then the sanctions from Chapter VII should be lifted by now.
IMO they are about to change…they are about to lift the 000’s from their exchange rate.
The CBI is…implementing what they told you and me and the international world at the start of 2017…they said they would trade internationally in the early part of 2017…and I see all of the equipment…I see all of the necessities…for them to do exactly that.