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The exchange rate by International standards are still under study and will report results if completed

CBI Board Resolution No. (329) for the year 2015 …Needs Translation
(the exchange rate) I think




Dnari131:  The exchange rate by International standards ..hmm not BY Iraqi Standards lol
Smilin4Dinar:  I personally think it’s great that they are openly admitting the use of the Marshall Plan. (See article below)

For those of us who understand what the Marshall plan is… this basically tells me that they have been successful in ‘The Plan’.

One never announces ‘success’ until it is ALL DONE! 1/1/16 will be when Iraq makes everything ‘POP’ but…. we in the USA probably won’t see anything IMHO ~~ because our ‘banks’ and ‘exchanges’ are closed for the Holiday… but Monday January 4th should be all revealing (insert dancing snoopy here) … …….. …… again IMHO.

It would be a real sweet surprise if they would reveal their reval on Tuesday 12/29/15!!! Hmmm just dreaming out loud


Blinkster:  I have seen The Marshall plan referred to at least twice in press articles over that last week…and even one in a TV commercial…I think it was a Citibank commercial. (I don’t watch TV generally, the missus had it on) They were quoting soma sort of milestones or markers via a calendar year in this commercial, and I think one said “Marshall Plan 1971” I may have the year wrong but I know what I saw. Is anybody else noticing this ? It’s like they are conditioning the public….


Walkingstick:  Central Bank loan project Marshall Iraqi flavor

Monday, December 21 / December 2015 – 07:01
Aziz Ibrahimi

Approximately loan, which monitored the Central Bank of half the amount that monitored the Marshall Plan for the construction of European countries collapsed economy after World War II, but you bring a large amount Hdvha in pushing the country’s economy, and move production in which wheel, and reduce the state’s dependence on oil, which has become prices do not Tasman nor hungry mouths ?? This question on everyone’s thinking about it carefully, because saving the Iraqi economy, opportunities are few after we read the expectations of OPEC faintly hope in the rise in oil prices during the year 2016.

The Iraqi government if it wants this project to bear fruit in the near future, they should have that right climate for growth and development offer , otherwise money will go as he went the other, whether routine which hampers the disbursement of these funds, or to circumvent them, and thus would be a way to enrich corrupt as not executed trick to seize any money loose, so, and since the start of the idea of this project emphasized the foremost authority on the need to find controls in the disbursement of these huge amounts on capital projects funds, and reduce fraud in the implementation.

We have not seen the amounts spent on Mrdia yet a starting point, but lacks most of the banks at the instructions on the nature of the exchange, and this raises doubts about the seriousness of this project, and where it passes the country economic conditions tough, any project contributes to the economic boom has to be that it sheds light of everyone to create a culture of small-scale producers to push the initiative in the creation of small dreams, but you Find organizers of this project as a platform to clarify the target of this project? Do you found a website explains what is required of borrowers? Is informative seminars held the size of this project and its importance in advancing the country dilapidated economy?

First problems that we face when considering this project, it does not take into account the integration between the sectors to be paid industrial especially, agricultural -oma includes the wealth Alehioanah-, Fmraah integration between the two sectors of during programming targeted projects, is of great importance to the growth of these projects and the lack Tgahqrha, in addition to assisting the State in political pursue to protect the local product in the future, any benefit Terje that the state paid to encourage livestock Caldwagn Besnviha Bayada and carnivores, cows producing milk and meat without payment industrial projects complementary factor of milk and canning of meat and projects butcher and other Integration between projects is very important to its success and Astmraha and knowledge of government resources emphasis Alkmarki.

ownership of the land and approvals Almarznah, which the farmer that waged mainly from the ministries of oil, and municipalities, and the environment, will be lost opportunities to more farmers in the southern provinces, as all farmers do not own the land, but agricultural contracts, and this is most important things that the government should set up committees for the urgent approval with the participation of delegates from each ministry concerned, and perhaps this than we do the oil on the population of the southern regions, since they must be aggregated consent of that the ministries, even if you want to build a mosque in a remote village.

The success of the Marshall Plan, attributed to target productive sectors in European countries, and the development of capital through it, and the subsequent deliberate policies accurately, it is not to receive the money without elaborate planning, will shed Iraqi flavor characterized by a lack of coordination and Balbosrh dark shadow on this dangerous project? !!





Anyone else think so ??? or is that more “social security” perhaps ??


Blinkster:  Big C$ it appears they are coyly presenting their intentions with a thin veil that leads to speculations for us…but they are showing intent, nonetheless. All IMO! WOO_HOO! Smells like……….$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


Walkingstick:  Kurdistan Regional Government is implementing the economic reform plan

By Ziad al-Haidari

held the Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani in Kurdistan province, and in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani, on Monday 12/21/2015, a special meeting with the minister in the Kurdistan Regional Government, to consider the financial and economic situation in the region.

The Nechirvan Barzani between that province Kurdistan live in difficult and a major financial crisis, the government have to take some bold decisions and some of the different procedures and work all the ways to increase revenue and reduce expenses to can the province bearing the results of this crisis, and re-arranging work and stimulate tax collection and reduce allocations own and some other measures system and said Nechirvan Barzani,

“To address this crisis, we have to bear all the responsibility equally with all governmental and administrative authorities and all political parties and all face this crisis and get through this stage.” foot after the Deputy Prime Minister said a report that the necessary measures be taken to resolve the crisis, and touched on the causes of the financial crisis Detailed

He said the reasons are many and different and are all influential bad financial and economic situation in the Kurdistan Region, stressing that the Iraqi government to healed the financial and economic crisis and deep worse than going through the province of Kurdistan. and discussed some of the ministers at the meeting ways and due process taken out to dissolve radically to this crisis, and provided many of the observations on this subject. To cope with the crisis and with the emphasis on reforms in the electricity sector, ratified the Council of Ministers on these decisions, which will be implemented from the beginning of the new year any of 01/01/2016 will be issued and the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government the necessary instructions for its implementation:

1 – Exchange only 50% of the allocations for the offices of Messrs president of the region and his deputy, and the Prime Minister and his deputy, and who are their grades own, in addition to the salaries received the rank of minister and Undersecretary of the Ministry and those who are in the same grade and advisers and those with special grades in all Maossat province Kurdistan Braosaiha and deputies and members of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Court of Cassation in the province of Kurdistan, judges and public prosecutors, and will not conduct them any other allowances except the figure in question.

2 – Turn off appropriations for the offices of Messrs Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament and Secretary of Parliament, which was the rate of 100%.

3 – Reduce the proportion of 30% of the for the offices of the Director General Provisions and who are of the same class and receive salaries and allowances of the post of Director-General.

4 – pensions of special grades and salaries organization and shall be retired after the issuance of this resolution in the same proportion, and to stop the provisions mentioned after determining salaries retirees and recorded format save them until the last law regulating the retirees’ salaries.

5 – stop the exchange of all allowances granted to the owners of special grades and general managers and heads of administrative units “conservatives and vice-governors and Alqaimmqam managers respects” and payment of nominal salaries only.

6 – Work Bakanona retirement and salaries of state employees in the public sector with respect to the terms of the upgrading of staff from the date of 01.01.2016 and until the ratification of the General Budget Law in the Kurdistan Region of 2016.

7 – collect general information about the beneficiaries of people from salaries and special aid provided by the social welfare and the types of social security and classified according to the principle of different layers of society and to identify the different amounts that receive aid for the care of the family and features.

8 – formation of a committee to review advances all ministries and government Almaossat in the Kurdistan Region to observe the material bad situation of the region of Kurdistan and to identify sources of revenue, the Commission and report the Supreme Finance Committee learned the steps taken by taking into account that the nature of the work and activities of the ministries and Almaossat that provide services to citizens Kalasaah, defense, health, electricity, municipalities, provided that the Commission shall prepare a schedule that includes the proportion of the advance before and after reconsideration.

9 – to form a committee to study the draft revision and reform in the structure of the Kurdistan Regional Government and variety Council of Ministers, ministries and government Almaossat taking into account the situation Financial province and feminine public institutions in the region and reduce expenses, and provide this Committee report their views and observations and proposals of the Commission on the High Finance in the region.

10 – Turn off the monthly exchange rate for the graphics rent and electricity service and the generators of the general budget for all the owners of the higher grades residing in houses and residential complexes of all government institutions in Kurdistan Region without any discrimination. And falling disbursement of 01.01.2016 the responsibility of those who dwell in these buildings.

11 – Turn off for work instructions the Ministry of Finance and Economy for the implementation of Article 13 of the Act (salaries of state employees and the public sector) No. 22 of 2008 and private authority to grant risk allocations by the Minister and Rausat Almaossat unrelated ministries, and gives this power to the Council of Ministers only.


JJonesMX:  Most Recent Federal Documents

Title Language Document Type Date Updatedsort icon

Arabic Original Document 21 Dec 2015

Accession of the Republic of Iraq on the Privileges to the Protocol to the International Seabed Authority and Immunities of Law No. (18) for the year 2012



Walkingstick:  Terms of the World Bank opens the door to search for Iraq’s money looted and embezzled since 2003

BAGHDAD – Iraq Press – December 21 / December: sparked reports that the World Bank’s conditions to what is known as the family of “Al Rothschild” Freemasonry famous for lending to Iraq, including stop appointments for three years as well as the cessation of support for the electricity sector and reduce the number of retirees, controversy wide predicts dire consequences and subsequent developments will be witnessed by the Iraqi street soon, inevitably, and therefore parliamentary Finance Committee announced the formation of a committee to reveal the size of the fiscal revenue which Tsthsalha state of non-oil resources.

She noted, “The non-oil revenues, which Tsthsalha federal government estimated in the current year budget with 12 trillion dinars, but the Muslim amount to the state treasury amounted to 4 trillion.”

She continued, “The remaining amount of the non-oil revenues reach eight trillion dinars, Madfna to form a committee in order to know where I went that money, and the delinquent in dealing with this serious economic file”, adding that “the Commission will investigate the fate of the eight trillion dinars.

If What has levied where is, and if you do not answer it must hold all of the cause not met to the state treasury, “according to the plan because the Iraqi street ml of these statements and is dealing with it on it it’s just unsuccessfully attempts to get rid of responsibility and throw the ball in the yard of others and exchanging accusations of corruption that sinking where everyone, without exception. Ended O.h