Frank26: You see the MR is and was in the control of the IMF (USA) …………….. And IMO it is complete.

But the part to Release it …………. Is in the hands of A.

Those are two completely different levels.

So IMO ……….. A could care less about Your need for an RV and France politics  …………BUT

CARES for his people and WHAT THEY need.

IMO ………….. GIVE me Mosul and the OGM ………….. When A has CONFIDENCE enough to finish it and THEN ………..Well You know the rest.

Tonight’s CC will …………………….. DRAW ………….. Please copy.   Aloha \m/

PappaJack:  Thanks Frank for the help! I want to add a little something  spot on A but timing is always a beautiful thing,  if La Pene wins it stands to reason that it could cause turmoil in the financial markets over fears of France leaving the EU, for there will be a definite loss of Euro currency velocity which spells big monetary trouble for the EU!!! Looks like it could be great high cover for A/ Iraq.


Jay:  They way I see it…


This is our “DELAY” if you want to label it.  If they are explaining  it to you in such detail then rest assured they have a handle on it. This will take time. How much??? who knows. But I feel this is a part of what we wait for. Imo Maliki needs to be wiped out. The Iranian guard needs to be removed.

The IMF history of doing RVs in April and September is imo, IRRELEVANT now.

This is new history being made. This RV can come to us at anytime this year imo. Trump is president. He’s the get it done guy. Not that loser, O .

The unforeseen  forces (iran maliki) by us, are being dealt with. If they are telling us about it, its being solved. Stand fast family. ITS GODS’ plan not ours. You will see less of Mosul and more of Iranian guard/maliki now.

Today’s Mosul article could be kind of telling you how long they HOPE it will take to oust all Iranian influence and Bozo. Post 194. FULL EDIT OF MOSUL IN THE COMING WEEKS.
USA Budget has been kicked to September with partial agreement. Meaning IMO IMO IMO.. this Iranian/maliki thing will be dealt with with in that time.

I could be way off hear and reserve my right to change my mind…

Would love to hear all opinions.  I’m prepared to ride this to the end. What about you family? What does your inner strength say to you?

Mine says suck-it-up CUPCAKE.


Don961:  Iraqi forces are preparing to resolve the battle restore the old area in Mosul during the hours

By Roudao 4 hours ago  ( Video in link )

Iraqi forces are around the corner from editing the Great Mosque of Al-Nouri

Roudao – Mosul ,

Iraqi forces continue, on Monday, May 1 , 2017, restore the right side of Mosul battles, amid expectations the battle decisively restore the old city area soon.

Said Roudao media network correspondent in Mosul, Jamal Herring, said that Iraqi forces launched heavy bombardment on the right side Daesh sites while the International Air Alliance continues to air raids on the organization.

Reporter Roudao added that the militants blew up Daesh four car bombs during the twenty – four years time. In contrast , the federal police announced the killing of dozens of members of the organization during the past few hours.

Jamal Herring pointed out that Chen is expected to Iraqi military units and a massive offensive to recover the remains of the ancient region during the next 48 hours, where are those forces around the corner of the great liberation Nouri mosque and minaret humpback famous.

The Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army, Othman al – Ghanemi, has declared that ” the full restoration of the right side of the connector will be before the holy month of Ramadan, the Iraqi forces will complete the liberation of the city within three weeks maximum,” adding that “forces control 40% of the old town, The proportion is controlled by Ayman Daesh inside Mosul , it estimated at 35%, and areas of influence Daesh within the whole of Iraq up to 3.8% of the total area of Iraq. ”

Iraqi forces managed during the military campaign began in October / October 2016, from the restoration of the eastern half of the city, and then began on February 19 / last February west side battles.

And was able to Iraqi forces, backed by the international coalition, restoring more than half of the western half of the connector space, amid the decline of the combat capabilities of the organization, according to media statements of the leaders of the Iraqi military.



Don961:  These rates are published each day across various news sources in Iraq …. many show IQD in comparison with other ME countries ‘ currencies ….

Many with a fraction of Iraq’s wealth and potential … just a thought  … that when Abadi and true Iraqis see this day after day , they are bugged …. because they want this rate to reflect the country’s true wealth and worth ….

It’s a matter of prestige and pride and dignity … they are eager to show the rest of the ME … and the world … what a special country they are … and that they fit in quite nicely …

Imo , there is also pressure from within to bring their currency back to the status it merits
Dollar exchange rate in Iraqi banks and markets

US $ 1 = 1,173.8100 Iraqi Dinar

IQD 1 = US $ 0.0009

Prices buying and selling dollar banking companies

Selling price = US $ 125.750

Purchase price of US $ = 124.750

Last Updated: Monday, May 1, 2017, 9:48 GMT Baghdad