HootOwl:  Frank i just got done listening to the cc,,,and i have a question…do you think that the imf, wb, and all the investors were duped into giving the loans and bringing in those billions of dollars to iraq? i mean for the imf, wb to be demanding abadi raise the value and now he says no i want mosul first,,,i think it is kinda misleading to the long line,,,,i understand why he is doing what he is doing however i would think the investors alone would be ticked off …imf,,,,wb,,,,money kuwait just gave them,,,jmo i’m just thinking out loud

Cole: No!!!!!!!!!!!! Deals… contracts… negotiations… security purposes… reasons… Iraq has to answer to people.. these agencies do not feel duped. They don’t throw their hands in the air! 3 weeks? That’s what you want? Well ok you’re really pretty… I’ll wait… heck that’s nothing… they’ve got this IN THE BAG… IMSO to use Franks line… if I may

Cole:  Remember… 30 and 90 day contracts matur(ed) in the month of April… MR finished (imo when they reflected 90% Dinar at 1000:1)…

Trump and A want it to go… they have wanted it for the past week. Comes down to S&S… all eyes on Mosul now… all eyes on GOM… This will not be “Iraq, the proud nation with a high value currency that is almost liberated”… NO this will be “Iraq, the proud liberated unified country who has gone through economic and monetary reforms….” no one left behind. No one.

That is why we need Mosul. This is for the citizens. This is for the well being of Iraq. This is the pride of a nation. Let them be. Let them have their glory day. We are just on the side reaping the benefits of the spoils… remember that. Less of us. less of us. less of us.
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Dont forget!!!! Franks 33 spoke example this CC… evidence of readiness… we all can relax and watch the liberation of a nation occur right before our eyes… please enjoy. It won’t be long. Hey Randy… THE BEST IS COMING


Fenway:  As Frank pointed out last night, we may be three weeks, give or take, from Mosul being liberated and the blessing we are all waiting for to possibly be on our doorstep.

Some will consider that a long time to have to wait, on top of how long many have already waited.

Consider what those three weeks would be like for those held at gunpoint by ISIS members, wearing explosives that they are ready to detonate at any time. Every minute, these hostages must be thinking could be their last. They’ve been thinking that for weeks and weeks already, and have no idea how much longer they will survive.

I’ll take my 3 week (or more) wait anytime over what those pour souls continue to endure.

God help them.


Don961:  Seems while Abadi is super busy working round the clock to clean up the horrible mess Maliki left for him … an empty Treasury , crumbling infrastructure and services , severe economic crisis , a third of the country controlled by Daesh , etc. … M is hanging out in the Green Zone … surrounded by an army of bodyguards and followers …. playing politics , spewing rhetoric and riling people up …. who’s side is he on anyway ?? … imo


Don961:  Article:  Worth three million dinars .. Parliament decides to pay a housing allowance for each of its members 

Must be easy to vote yourself a raise when you control the purse strings …. MPs were taxed 4.8% of their salaries in this year’s budget for austerity purposes …. but have decided to give themselves 3 million dinars per month for a “housing allowance” … how convenient … imo.