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Don961:  The secret of the huge network of tunnels dug by Daesh in Iraq

01/05/2017 10:39

Military experts confirmed that the massive and long networks of tunnels dug by elements Daesh in Iraq and the method of construction, indicate the ability of the organization to stretch underground widely, along with “level of complexity” in the use of weapons obtained illegally.

According to a report of the site, “Fox News” America, on Thursday (April 27th 2017), the expert Canadian arms “devine Moro”, which is responsible for studying and analyzing the weapons used by Daesh, he indicated that the organization uses tunneling machines to dig dense networks of them between houses and down the roads to confuse the international coalition, which is leading a war against the forces.

The report said the tunnel boring machine discovered Hamdania (near Mosul) at the end of last year, thanks in discovery to the ninth Iraqi Army Division, was quoted Devine as saying: “They have built the machine for themselves,” adding that “a lot of weapons Daesh traded in ways illegal small arms, but reveals some others-such tunnels which were made Daesh Bnevsha- level of complexity drilling machine had not seen before the group Kdaash. ”

Once the acquisition of weapons possessed Daesh, devine Canadian start-year-old 30-year-old, and her team to conduct investigations, Viltqton pictures of weapons and viewing marks the serial number engraved on each of them. He commented Devine on what she saw, saying, “This is a level that link Daesh being able to weapons and ammunition industry own is unprecedented.”

The hundreds of weapons confiscated various types of gun Kalashnikov (AK-47), which is described devine versatile and easy-to-trafficking being, and explained the reason for the heavy reliance on this weapon, noting that the “Venice of this model hold up for long periods, and are used widely in the Middle East region. the mainly produced by the countries of the former Soviet Union and Russia. ”

Arsenal Daesh also has several weapons of modern production equipment, including those that manufacture the organization itself, and discovered, including mortars and improvised explosive devices made Daash.omn highlight discovered Devine and her team, the “suicide vehicle”, which is dubbed the “SVBIED” (Refill suicide bomb loaded in a car), according to the report, “Fox News”.

Devine explained that “Daesh” fighters are taking civilian cars and four-wheel drive and they carry explosives and heavy metal panels Acefhunha help them get closer to the front lines. “They are taking cars and trucks from ordinary civilians of Mosul and conducting them extensive modifications to convert them into suicide vehicles.”

The continuing military operations that the joint Iraqi forces led by the army and the Peshmerga and the mobilization of popular guards Nineveh against al Daesh in the province of Nineveh regions, where managed to now restore dozens of villages and towns, in addition to the entire left side of Mosul city (center of the province and stronghold of the organization in the country) , and several neighborhoods from the right side.